What is clear that is that life is not always a bed of roses: there are ups and downs and sometimes, there can be more downs than ups. For some people, there will be more ups than there are downs, but for others, the downs will outweigh the ups.

One might then come to the conclusion that one some people are luckier or more fortunate than others. And when this opinion is based purely on what is happening externally, it can seem accurate and what is true.

However, if one was to look within someone and see what is taking place there, they might soon see that there is a reason why they are experiencing more ups than downs. Or why they are able to see life in a positive light even though life hasn’t always gone their way.

Different Types

So life is made up of different types of people and some people can come across as always being positive and happy and others can come across as always being negative and unhappy.

There will also be people who swing between the two and don’t seem to stay in either option for very long. But whether one feels positive or negative, it will be a combination of what is happening externally and what is happening internally.

The Mind

In the external world, certain things can take place that cause one to feel positive, and at other times, things can happen that make one feel negative. But while the external world can play a big part in how one thinks and feels, so can their mind.

What takes place externally is interpreted by the mind and the interpretation that is made will play a part in ones thoughts and feelings. And it works the other way to; with ones thoughts and feelings impacting what happens to them externally.


Being positive all the time might be seen as being better than being negative all the time, and yet there are going to be down sides to this. One might be admired by some, but end up being labelled as being in denial by others.

And as life is not always pleasant, one would have to be in denial to always be positive. The mind works in polarities, so as a way to avoid pain, it can end up going to the other extreme. Therefore, one can end up needing to always be happy and positive as a way to avoid how they truly feel.

Based on this, always being positive or always begin negative are simply two sides of the same coin. One person is simply embracing how they feel and think and what is taking place externally, and another is doing all they can to avoid what is taking place.


When it comes to ones survival as a human being, focusing on what is negative is more important than focusing on what is positive. Placing ones attention on what makes them feel good might be pleasurable, but it is not necessarily going to ensure their survival.

Whereas, if one pays attention what is negative and therefore what is or what could be a threat to their survival, they are more likely to avid it and stay alive. This ability is surely one of the reasons why human beings have survived for as long as they have.

So it is in the interest of ones survival to focus on what is negative. However, it is easy for one to place their attention on what is negative, even when their survival is not under threat. And what we focus on grows, so it is important to monitor the minds tendency to focus on what is negative.


If ones attention if placed completely on what is negative and they are unable to see life in any other way, then this can be a sign that they are emotionally stuck. This is the world of duality and while there are ‘bad’ things, there are also ‘good’ things.

And while one can end up always being positive, as a way to avoid facing how they feel, they can also end up always being negative due to not consciously facing how they feel. So whether one is always positive or always negative, they are still being controlled by their trapped feelings.


These will then define how one thinks and their behaviour, as well as define their perceptions and this will then end up influencing their reality. The people they attract into their life and are attracted to, as well as the situations they find themselves in, will also reflect how they feel.

How one feels shapes their outer world and then their outer world ends up influencing how they feel on the inside. It also works the other way around; with ones external reality affecting their inner world.

If one is already full of negativity, it won’t take much to put them into a negative state; that’s if they are not already in one. And if one is fairly neutral within, there is going to be less chance of what is happening externally to have an impact on how they feel.

Trapped Emotions

When one has trapped emotions in their body, it is going to be a challenge for them to experience life in a way that is not negative. These feelings will influence their inner world and influence their outer world; so it can be hard for them to detach form what is happening and to see that they have become trapped in a cycle.

The following emotions can be trapped in one’s body: grief, shame, powerlessness, hopelessness, rejection, abandonment and guilt, amongst others.


As these are released, one will feel different and therefore their thoughts and behaviour will change. And this inner change will gradually have an impact on ones outer reality. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be required.

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