We have come to live in a technologically evolved society where it would be surprising if one does not own a cellphone. One cannot find a single person without a smartphone, let alone a cell phone. A cell phone has catapulted from being an object of leisure to an object of absolute necessity. But is the cell phone the only object that has risen to obsession by people? The answer is a vehement no, as we know that various other gadgets have grabbed the attention of humans in the present world.

Humans and Gadgets - The Modern Relationship

It is a human tendency to naturally get attached to things when used perpetually. It does not take much time for this attachment to escalate into obsession. What started as a basic entity that enabled people to communicate with each other has now soared high and has involuntarily meddled into each one of our lives.

Electronic gadgets have become of primary importance in one's life.
Though it is an unquestionable fact that gadgets aid us in almost all aspects of life. Assisting us in almost all our daily struggles. Smartphones are compact devices with innumerable apps assisting humans. From providing aid in calculating numerical to providing a plethora of applications to study different courses just by a tap on the screen, smartphones indeed are a mystical contrivance.

In a world of digital games, apps, learning platforms, one would find it surprising if a child is unaware of these devices. Come to think of it, how can one turn a blind eye to this creation?

By just unlocking your phone you can find services at your aid. Life has become less tedious, in the aspect of manual hardship, that a teacher can teach in the online mode, groceries can be ordered online, selling and buying of things can be done online. Apart from cell phones, or better smartphones we have countless other gadgets already existing and the ones that are constantly being made.

We have tablets, headphones, digital watches, laptops, speakers, and whatnot. Each peculiar yet interesting in its own way enticing every eye. Seldom does anyone step out of their abode without carrying a gadget along with them. For instance, do you see anyone leisurely going for their walks without earphones and headphones?
I guess not!

Needless to say, though we are acquainted with the benefits of these gadgets, we are equally aware of their ill effects but it is our obsession and untethered attachment with these gadgets that propel us to voluntarily overlook the harm they inflict on us.

Can they be harmful?

There is no denying the fact that electronic gadgets are of immense help to us and also provide us with the surfeit of entertainment. But anything used in excess results in inflicting harm on us. The same goes for using gadgets excessively.

How can a device that has become an integral part of each of our lives inflict danger?

Presently, children are ardent users of gadgets. At an age when their physical and mental development must be focused, the same is getting retarded due to lethargy. Focusing on their physical health, exaggerated use of gadgets can impair their vision, auditory faculties, and inability to excel in physical activities. Constantly tapping on their phones and eventual aversion towards physical and mental developmental activities make them more anti-social, physically unfit, and mentally lazy.

They grow up thinking their worlds revolve around video games and apps, little do they know that they are trapped in a world of unrealistic visuals. Adults though are physically and mentally more stable than children, still, get entrapped in the convoluted world of gadgets. That which begins merely as a mode of entertainment does not take much time to spiral into addiction and dependence. The stage of total dependence on these gadgets must be feared. A state where one is oblivious to their surroundings, completely detached from family, friends, and profession is a stage where it takes an abundance of perseverance to maneuver oneself out from the spiral of despair.

The radiation from these gadgets is extremely harmful from perpetual use. They affect our brain in treacherous ways making it impossible to be treated. The modern world revolves around likes, shares, and comments. An appreciation leads to craving it for more and mere criticism would lead to anxiety and mental trauma.

This is where we have ended up as humans by compact yet overly powerful electronic devices.

Can this addiction be prevented?

Imagine the primitive lives led by our ancestors.

Absolutely no electronic devices, a brawny physique, powerful mental strength, perseverance and hard work like no other. If our ancestors could lead a healthy and content life without the use of gadgets, then we can definitely spiral out of the enticing world of gadgets. That does not mean we have to completely let go of these immensely magical devices, but emphasis must be on using them with a little bit of self-control.

Kids must be governed by their guardians in using their gadgets. Undoubtedly there must be a specific time duration for entertaining themselves through their gadgets. Instead of scrolling through their phones, they must be encouraged to develop their mental and physical aspect of health. Playing outdoors, taking part in various physical activities, inculcating them with performing activities that would build their intellect is strongly recommended. Enjoying their time in the mesmerizing beauty of nature, spending time with loved ones, all these might sound trivial but these feeble activities are what aid in bringing up a physically and mentally stable human.

In cases where well-grown adults fall prey to the addictive world of devices, perseverance and support are the two major factors that can help such a person. Sudden retraction from using these devices will only worsen the situation. Reducing the hours of daily use, adopting a step-by-step method, remarkably reduces the level of addiction.

The above-stated steps of prevention sound futile, but when practiced daily undoubtedly assists in balancing a healthy life along with partially giving in to the world of gadgets. One might not identify oneself as an addict, but it is extremely essential to acknowledge this fact because only then can this unhealthy practice be rectified. Savouring the glorious life of gadgets is natural, but savoring it with self-consciousness is the factor of emphasis.

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