Peer pressure, also referred to as peer group explains similar group which is influenced with the peers on each other. Such conditions are not always negative, but the word “pressure” involves all the processes which are not practical or should not be chosen to be conducted. These compose of undesirable behavioral attitude of socialism like making experiments with drug or alcohol intake despite of positive potential success in life. These attitudes mainly occur due to the presence of positive or negative people marking your presence.

These factors are common among teenagers & younger generation. Adolescent people are more susceptible to such adaptation of behaviors as they are in the phase of development when they do not socialize with their parents up to great extent. This is a stage when there is no proper understanding of human values of life or adverse effects of maintaining such attitudes.

It is a great concern among the parents of the adolescents who are going through peer pressure mainly considering those activities that include application of drugs & alcohol, exposure to sexual behavior; in some cases which involve less eating habits, excess playing of video games, gambling or shopping & other illegal actions. They are also concerned with the engagement with sports & other exercises & are observes in social attitudes revolving health.

There are some essential ways where you can deal with the peer pressure & lead a proper life which include:

• Portray a healthy level of self confidence & self esteem:
Firstly it is not important to plagiarize others behavioral attitudes nor to be in a way that impresses other person. When you achieve the quality of believing in yourself & carry your act with confidence, it becomes easy to deal with such pressures. If these qualities are developed at this age, this will prove to be beneficial, in the future & you can overcome negative experiences very easily.

• Target your limitations & respect your behavior:
If you are not able to respect yourself, forget the fact that other person will respect your behavior & most importantly, you. While making certain essential decisions to be made by you, whether good or bad, you need to remember that certain facts would either harm or make benefit to both of you & the other person. When you are able to respect your soul, there is no need to worry about the concepts what others comment about your perceptions.

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