If you belong to the industry that needs medium-duty trucks for daily hauling but still prefer trucks with heavy-duty characteristics, then you need to look at Kenworth trucks to get your pick. The Kenworth T370 for example is a light Class 8 or a heavy-duty Class with PACCAR PX-7 engine. It has the horsepower and the torque ratings which are "balanced to deliver performance and reliability needed to get the medium-duty applications done on a daily basis”, as the manufacturer stated.
What do you need to know when browsing websites that sell Kenworth trucks for medium-duty applications?

First, see the specs. Take a close look at the specs of your preferred truck model. Sometimes there are websites that list down specs but don’t provide complete details. At Wallwork Trucks website which is the official Kenworth truck representative, all specs are listed. From engine to the front axle, transmission, cab and sleeper and interiors, buyers can see complete specs listings. Small companies prefer medium-duty trucks as a business solution as this type delivers excellent uptime and dependability.

The models that Kenworth has to offer to such customers are Kenworth T370, T440 and T470. These companies usually need an exhaustive list of features to make the final buying decision. Therefore, Wallwork Truck makes sure the specs of all Kenworth trucks sold on the website are complete so that buyers can be guided accordingly.
Truckers must take note of the horsepower and torque ratings and the front axle. Kenworth T370 has a lighter engine but with the higher-capacity axle which allows drivers to shift more weights to the front while not losing all the advantages of BBC measurement. Therefore, this Kenworth model is a good choice for dump truck operations and constructions and for customers who want medium-duty trucks that could carry heavy payloads on a regular basis.

Is over and under spec’ing bad?
The challenge is balancing when doing over and under spec'ing your work truck. Buyers must bear in mind that medium-duty truck must deliver and get the job done and finding the right balance between over and under spec'ing is a great approach in achieving expectations of performance and reliability. Customization is another great approach as your truck can be set up exactly how you want it and it will help in making the truck productive from the very beginning. You can ask your dealer about their resources but at the Wallwork Truck website you just hit the button for available help and you can talk to someone to share your ideas on how your truck can be customized to serve your specific needs.
Medium-duty trucks are popular among small businesses because of their relatively low prices in the market. But if the buyer is wise enough and willing to dedicate more time researching for the best option, there are medium-duty trucks that are a bit expensive but are more durable and reliable and deliver enough power to get heavy applications done even daily.

Visit Wallwork Truck and find more information about medium-duty trucks like Kenworth T370 and why it could be the truck that you need right now.

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