These aides are meant to supplement your lucid dreaming progress; as in, they alone won’t necessarily produce lucid dreaming. They are meant to be used alongside mindfulness, reality checks, proper sleep, and other lucid dreaming techniques. Much like a protein shake: if you just drink the shake and don’t work out, you will not see much progress; however, the two combined can yield great results!


5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin and a naturally occurring amino acid in the brain. It is most often taken right before going to sleep because it helps to regulate sleep and prolong REM sleep cycles, which greatly enhances the probability of lucid dreaming. As well, it helps to regulate your mood throughout the day!

Choline and Galantamine are two different substances that work as a fantastic cocktail for lucid dreaming when combined. You can find Choline in many places as within a Lecithin supplement, as well as in onions, potatoes, and bananas. It is known to help elongate dream cycles and heighten your memory of them. Galantamine is commonly known as the “lucid dreaming pill,” as it increases lucidity by prompting a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine; as well, it helps with memory.

Vitamin B6 has been well documented to create more vividness and clarity within your dreams and to improve dream recall.

Dreamleaf is a cleverly designed advanced lucid dreaming pill, or, it’s actually two pills; one red, one blue. Sound a little like the Matrix? That’s the point. They combine the well researched ingredients of 5-HTP, mugwort, huperzine-A, choline bitartrate, and Alpha GPC to help balance sleep, promote dream recall, and enhance lucid dreaming.

Phone Apps:

Awoken is a brilliant app that combines the forces of reality checks, totem sounds, and dream recall to maximize your chances of becoming lucid! It reminds you throughout the day to perform reality checks (a very important technique), and while doing so it makes a “totem sound,” which will also go off throughout the night to remind you to check your reality while you are sleeping.

CanLucidDream is an utterly unique app that allows users to design and pre-script their dreams before they happen, re-experience dreams that have already happened, and share their dreams with others.

Lucidity is an app that features an audio dream recorder, a dream journal, and a reality check reminder. However, it also gives the user tools to analyze the frequency of certain symbols in dreams and helps to better understand your dreams altogether.


The Aurora Headband by iWinks has done what researchers, for many years, thought to be the impossible- it is able to detect precisely when a person is dreaming, from the outside world. What used to take several scientists and an entire lab to do, can now be done with a device that is small enough to comfortably be worn around your head while you sleep. When it detects that you are in a good stage of your dream, it will send a signal (sound/light) to indicate to you that you are dreaming, which can then easily spark a lucid dream.

The Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis MP3 is a guided autosuggestion MP3 that can help to hypnotize and program the mind to lucid dream using classic dream visualization.

The Sleep Sonic Pillow understands how frustrating it can be to sleep with headphones in, so they have carefully and comfortably constructed a digital stereo right into a pillow. Since no one else in the room can hear it but you, it is exceptional for listening to visualization audio, meditation music, and brainwave entrainment as you fall asleep.

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