There are many kinds of necklaces, and they are rich in shape and strong. The appropriate wearing of all kinds of necklaces can play a role in shaping the strengths and avoiding weaknesses. When wearing a necklace, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1) Necklaces and clothing

Wearing a necklace should be in harmony with the clothing. For example, wearing a delicate, exquisite Personalized Anniversary Nameplate Necklace in a soft, flowing silk dress will look more attractive.

2) Necklace and the color of clothing

The color of the necklace should be contrasted with the clothing’s, so that it can form a sharp contrast, such as monochrome or plain clothing. Wearing a bright color necklace can make jewelry more eye-catching. Under the embellishment of jewelry, clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, simple and pure necklace, will not be overwhelmed by the color of the gorgeous clothing and can balance the color of the clothing.

3) Several kinds of jewelry should coordinate with each other

The necklace should be worn with the same color, quality earrings or bracelets, so you can get the best results. If the collar of the jacket is two bows, you have not better wear a necklace. When wearing the necklace, you should also pay attention to the switch called the confluence circle. This switch is equipped with a wire uranium spring. When the wheel is moved, it should not be used too hard to prevent the spring from breaking.

How to wear a pearl necklace

When it comes to jewelry, pearls are a must-have for many women, regardless of age, whether it is casual or evening wear, women always like to hang string pearls on their necks, varying in length and number. It can be seen that pearls are favored.
The natural color of the pearl is soft and smooth, like the skin of a woman's tenderness. Although it lacks the breath of life, it has a sense of elegance and grandeur. Whether it is costumes or fashion, pearls can be matched to achieve harmony.

There are many ways to wear pearls. Here are a few for reference:

1, As a collar, choosing a 90 cm (cm) just around the neck, it is suitable for a half-chest dress or doing not buckle two or three buttons to make the pearls expose.

2, Wear a long string and tie a knot in the center of the bead chain.

3, Wear a few strings of pearls of different lengths and colors.

4, Wear a single string of pearl chains with a beautifully crafted cufflink and put the cufflinks on the side of the front when worn.

5, If you wear earrings, it is better to wear a pair of big bead earrings.

6, The best effect of the pearl necklace is to wear a dress or a round neck sweater, which is graceful and elegant.

Necklace wearing method

Necklaces are also one of the main jewels favored by women. There are many types of it, which can be roughly divided into two series of metal necklaces and jewelry necklaces. Wearing a jewelry ought to be coordinated along with your age and size. as an example, a lady with a slender neck wears a pretend silk chain, which is more exquisite and delicate; The old women suit for the whip chain which is thick and mature. Wearing a necklace should also echo the clothing. For example, when wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, you should wear a delicate, graceful necklace that looks charming and attractive; when wearing a monochrome or plain clothing, you should wear a bright color necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, the color of the clothing can be rich and active.

Wear the necklace in terms of style, color and clothing, pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to the style of the road and the accurate size. The size of the necklace depends on the person: the neck is thicker, the size is larger, otherwise is small, the collar is high, and the size of the necklace should not be too long. Otherwise, the pendant should not be exposed to a sweater. You can wear only a necklace and no pendant. Wearing a three-lap collar and a high-necked sweater, the necklace should be worn outside the clothes and there are no burrs on the horns to avoid mutual inspection.

2, we must consider the decorative effect, clothing matching. If you want to wear the pendant on the jewelry, the jewelry shouldn't be too long and too thick. If you merely think about the wonder of the jewelry, you ought to additionally pay attention to the style of the necklace and clothing, some with a single string, and some with a multi-string.

3, we must pay attention to the matching effect of different materials. Different materials will have different effects when matched with different clothing styles. If you wear a red suit skirt and a gold necklace, it will be warm and welcoming which is suitable for occasions such as festive banquets. If you wear a sky blue polyester gauze dress matching with a necklace which will look gentle and cheerful; sometimes in a tight-fitting sports dress with a gold necklace, it will make you more light and lively; if you wear a light green and white small flower polyester georgette dress With a silver and white pearl necklace, you will be filled with a clear and cool; if you wear a clean white with a red pearl necklace, it will be more pretty and charming.

Platinum necklace maintenance

Platinum necklace has been worn for a long time, it will be stained with dirt. The general cleaning method is to buy a package of developer powder from the photographic equipment store. After returning home, use a clean glassware to put a kilogram of water, stir evenly, soak the jewelry in, about 5- 10 minutes to remove it, rinse it off with water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to brighten the rose gold necklace. Another way is to take 2 grams of fine salt, 7 grams of baking soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, 60 ml of water, mix well, put the jewelry into it, soak it for about two hours, then rinse it with water, dry with clot. Read the website called to get you favorite name necklace.

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