Let’s accept the fact that children are more inclined towards catchy and colorful illustrations than regular textual content. Illustrations are something that not only increases the readability of the book, but it also improves and polishes the reading skills of the young ones. The importance of relevant and colorful illustration is undeniable. Let’s take a look at what makes illustrations a powerful tool in keeping the young ones attached to the book:

1. The dose of motivation:

Nowadays, most of the parent provides their children with colorful and well-illustrated books to keep them busy with reading and learning. Since younger kids are not capable enough to understand the text or the storyline or the plot of the book, illustrations play a pivotal role in keeping them engaged with the illustrated content. It not only keeps their young minds busy in productive activity, but it also motivates them to make reading a habit. Therefore, make sure to provide your kids with the right dose of illustrative content to keep them motivated.

2. Empowers visual thinking:

Illustrations help the children in perceiving things and daily life objects differently. Well-illustrated books help the young ones in connecting with the world and in comprehending the basic concepts. Illustration coupled with comprehensible text is the right tool to not only improve visual thinking but also to enhance the creative part of their mind.

3. Improves listening capabilities:

The markets are filled with tons of illustrated books and read aloud books. Such books not only keeps the children involved, but it also plays a vital role in making them attentive and a great listener. Adding the fun element of the reading aloud feature is a great way to develop the love of reading in your young ones.

4. Develops self-confidence:

The real world is filled with hundreds and thousands of rules, do’s and don’ts-- too much to be comprehended by the kids. A well-illustrated not only provides them the right information about the rules and do’s and don’ts, but it also educates them ways to conduct daily life activities.

5. Builds self-confidence:

Self-confidence is the key to succeed and strive in the real world. An illustrated book provides the children with an opportunity to control the pace of reading, to switch between different pages, to go back and forth to a certain part of the story and to pause between pages. It helps in inducing a sense of confidence in the young ones.

6. Effective learning tool:

The scope of educating kids through an illustrated book is quite broad. Illustrations help in teaching the kids about the things and ideas that were previously unknown to them. Most of the top children’s book illustrators are now coming up with new ideas to teach children about newer ideas and modern concepts through illustrations. Interactive illustrations are a great way to teach children about complex ideas concepts. It not only widens their perceptive, but it also allows them to think over the newly learned ideas and concepts.

Author's Bio: 

I am currently a book illustrator at Childrens Book Illustrators looking after different illustration projects. I was always interested in designing and colors which brought me to work as an illustrator here. I have taken a number of courses in this field and this is the reason that I am employed at this big organization.