Let's say you are a manager or executive, and you want to reward your team with fun activity for creating teamwork, or maybe you are an administrative assistant and a supervisor has asked you for some team building event ideas. Has said to come. Most people go to Google to start their search and find everything under the sun as an option. So how do you restrict your choices to something that works for your group?

Set the purpose of your activity

First, let's cover what "team building" is. Unfortunately, the term team building can mean anything. It's like "leadership" or "customer service" that each of these terms is extremely common. However, if you lose focus, you will find a better solution. For example, if your leadership problem is that when your executives retire or leave, your company has a difficult time developing new executives, then your leadership solution can be centred around subsequent planning.
< p align="justify">If you have a restaurant, and your customer service problem is that customers are waiting too long to get their food order, then your customer service solution includes the process of introducing fast food or ordering more efficient. The point is, if you hire a motivational speaker to fix your leadership problem or force your restaurant staff to go to customer service workshops, the underlying problems remain.A similar challenge can be encountered for team building solutions. If you are thinking of creating an escape room, ask yourself some questions to determine the ultimate purpose of the activity.

• So why do we really want to do a team-building activity?
• Are we rewarding employees?
• Are we looking for a way to add some fun to the dry agenda?
• Do we need to solve the challenges there? If so, what are the specific challenges?
• If this activity works perfectly, what should we expect?
• By asking yourself these questions, you will have a better idea of how you see success.

Prizes or activities for entertainment

If your group already works really well as a team, and you're looking for ways to reward your employees or add some fun to a normal workday or meeting, then any fun activity will go well. For example, many customers in our team building always list their annual conferences to begin on Monday after Super Bowl Sunday, before there is a huge Super Bowl party at the hotel banquet for the night before. Charity events often work well in situations like these too. Organizers will often include a bike team building event at the annual conference to add a little fun to the agenda and give back to the community in the process.

Is there a real team challenge?

What if your group gets involved in a challenge? If this is the case, then you want to put a lot of thought into your solution, because if you choose the wrong program, it will knock you over. For example, when two companies merge, the two cultures are forced together and are likely to cause conflict. Read more to understand the team challenge.

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