Picture me as the “curious woman magnet.”

I seem to attract woman who want to know truth. That’s probably because I like the truth myself. For those open-minded women who want to know about near death and the crossing over event, I’m sharing some personal experiences with you today.

When I had my first near death experience, I was only two. My three-year-old brother and I were playing in the snow digging caves. You might wonder what a two and three-year-old were doing playing alone in the yard. But in the 1950’s, people did things differently than they do now.

Anyway, I remember playing in our snow tunnel when suddenly it caved in on me. Without warning I found my entire body forced into the snow. I felt like a barely-alive fish packed in ice and unable to move. Being a 26-pound mass of toddler delight, I couldn’t escape my unexpected prison of cold.

With my face planted in freezing, white trap, I soon stopped breathing. In a flash, I felt my spirit leave my body. Before I knew it, I found myself in the most peaceful environment ever. I felt so blessed to be out of that cold snow. A friendly person said, “Nope, sorry. You gotta go back.”

I was pissed!

In the loving, supportive, comforting natural world of light I suddenly felt more loved than I ever had before. I didn’t want to leave. But before I could say anything, I was back in my physical body. My brother had pulled me out of the crashed in cave. I stood there crying as he wiped the snow off my face.

So what did it feel like to have a near death experience as a toddler? It felt like slipping a sock off my foot at bedtime. There was no pain or suffering. I simply shed my human body and felt catapulted to a resort-like place where everything felt serene and wonderful.

Still being two-years-old, I repeated my visit to this nirvana location again later that year. I remember crawling around on the floor in only a diaper. I sat watching cartoon on our black and white TV.

In the show, I watched a man get into his truck. He inserted a key into the truck’s ignition, started up the vehicle, turned on the radio and started to drive. He smiled while singing along with a tune that played on the radio. That seemed like fun to me.

As the cartoon played in the background, I focused my attention on finding something I could use as a key in my imaginary truck. I crawled around on the living room’s carpeted floor and quickly found something that most closely resembled a key. I picked up and examined closely a black bobby pin. Next, I searched for something to stick it into. Moving my body underneath a small table, I stuck the bobby pin into an electrical outlet. I remember getting the shock of my life (pun intended.)

The next thing I knew, I felt my spirit leave my body and arrive once again in that loving environment. I never wanted to leave there! The angels and beings there so gently and lovingly welcomed me.

But, once again, someone instructed me on the facts. Almost as fast as I was out of my body, my spirit returned to it. I remember crying and heard a loud SNAP as my spirit came back into my physical body.

Again, I was pissed! I wanted to stay where the only thing that seemed to matter was the immense feeling of peace, love and joy.

The third time I left my body, I was an adult. The experience was pretty much the same enjoyable situation. I’ve learned that when I eventually complete my time here on earth, there is nothing to fear about making my final exit.

I’ve worked with people in coma/vegetative state before they’ve passed over. One client, a naturopath named Sharon contracted cancer. Working with her using my intuitive abilities, I helped her cross over in peace. You can view her mother’s testimony here about the experience.


So what about you? Do you have some intriguing questions about near death experiences or the crossing over event? Working with many who feel fearful about their mortality, I can tell you it’s a very peaceful experience. I’ve coached many people about natural death and what it feels like to come out of your physical body. Once these people feel prepared as I share my personal experiences, their fear evaporates or at least greatly reduces.

And I absolutely adore sharing these experiences with the open-minded type of woman. If you are one of them, we “get” each other. I’d love to hear about your spiritual near death and crossing over experiences.

So what do you say? You up to sharing with a curious, open-minded women who likes talking truth? If so, send me an email at brainviewtraininginstitute@gmail.com. What was YOUR near death or crossing over experience like? Are you intuitive and think you’re going crazy? Sometimes it just helps to connect with someone else who has the same abilities as the stories shared in “Hello From Heaven.”

If you are a Baby Boomer, this article might be of interest to your aging parent. In working with people of all ages, Baby Boomer parents can and do experience near death experiences before they make their final transition from this earth.

I desire to educate people so their crossing over is a peaceful experience. For that reason, please share this article with anyone you think might find it helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Author's Bio: 

Susan Fox, Brain Dialog Researcher, Trainer, Crossing Over Coach connects spiritually with their clients to help them experience inner peace.