A NDE or near death experience happens when a body is clinically dead, then comes back to life. During that time, his or her consciousness, or soul, goes to "the other side," and often returns with incredible insight. People from all over the world of different religions, races, backgrounds, ages and so on have experienced a NDE. Of those reports, the near death experience commonalities, even from those who previously hadn't believed in life after death or heard of NDEs, are astonishing.

You can learn a lot about life, death, spirituality and religion, love, karma, past lives, and more through reading or watching NDE accounts. One site is the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages. You can also find NDEs on YouTube, but be wary of those sponsored by religious institutions as they tend to be less about authentic NDEs and more about promoting their agenda through fear, judgment, and guilt.

Below we list the near death experience commonalities, besides being in a tunnel and moving towards a bright Light (which not everyone experiences).

Most felt separated from their body and didn't feel the pain from the accident or surgery, for example, that caused the NDE.

Almost all felt far more conscious and alert and could experience everything at once on the other side. Senses were much more vivid, with no need for glasses or hearing aids; blind people could see and the deaf could hear. Telepathy was the means of communication.

Time didn't have a meaning and seemed to stop, as it seemed like days they were out of their body but it was only minutes.

Most sensed or saw loving beings and, or encountered deceased loved ones who looked more alive, healthy, and youthful than they did on Earth.

Everything glowed in a brilliant, golden light and pure love. Colors seemed much more vivid, and colors existed there that they didn't see on Earth. Landscapes on Earth look like cheap imitations compared to those on the other side.

Most felt an incredible joy and peace on the other side, in harmony with all that is, and were terribly disappointed when they were told it's not their time and they must return to their bodies on Earth.

Souls on the other side didn't experience the spiritual and mental amnesia that we do on Earth; they instantly understood the answers to all their questions. Many reported instant knowledge and awareness about themselves, life, and the Universe.

Many perceived their past lives, and some perceived future lives, even those who didn't previously believe in reincarnation.

Many, even atheists and agnostics, sensed the presence of God.

A life review was common, where they experienced not only everything they had done and said in their current life, but also how their actions felt to everyone they affected. This was often a painful experience, even for those who had done mostly good in their life so far; truth rules supreme on the other side, so excuses and justifications for bad behavior are impossible.

During life reviews, many realized that money, status, fame, and success aren't the most important things in life after all, but being loving and helpful means everything.

Religious people tended to become more spiritual and less religious after their NDE; they've experienced spiritual truth and realized you don't need religion to be a good person or allowed entry to "heaven." Their previous religion, sometimes full of so much judgment and fear, contrasted with the acceptance and peace of the other side. They also realized there is an incentive to be a good person that's more powerful than religion; the understanding that everything you do, say, and think will come back to you, and the eyes of truth are always watching.

Once on the other side, they instantly understood that we are from there, we go to Earth (and other places) to learn (especially through life's difficulties), then go back home, again and again.

Most gained the awareness that we are all connected to a higher being many call God. They also understood that bad things happen not because of God, but due to humans having free will on Earth.

Most do not fear death after a NDE and look forward to it when it's their time to return to the other side.

Most weren't able or allowed to remember a lot of the insight and knowledge they gained there because it would interfere with completing their path on Earth.

Many became more psychic or empathic after a NDE. Some became depressed because the contrast between the beautiful other side and life on Earth can be so great.

Many didn't share their NDE freely afterwards because they feared ridicule or rejection from those who don't understand or believe in the afterlife.

Most returned believing the other side is more real than life on Earth.

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