Some teams will suffer more than others if the NBA lockout lasts the entire 2011-2012 season, starting with the Cavaliers, whom are in reconstruction process and now count with the services of Kyrie Iving and Tristian Thompson, whom they chose with their first and fourth overall picks at the 2011 NBA draft.

Another affected team are the Lakers, whom have a new coach and an aging roster (their average player is 28 years old), which means that they actually have a chance for one more title, but if there is no season, their options of acquiring one more championship will start to wane considerably.

But the most affect team of them all are the Sacramento Kings, whom might move to another city since the Maloof’s aren’t too happy about staying in Sac-Town and are considering to look for a better place for their franchise. They guaranteed that the Kings would be playing in Sacramento one more season, but if there is no 2011-2012 scheduled games, it is quite possible that hardcore fans of the team will have to get used to the idea of watching their team go for good.

NFL CBA deal could be reached by Friday

According to Albert Breer, an NFL Network spokesman, a final document concerning the collective bargain agreement will be presented today to players and owners, and negotiations are expected to be over by Thursday or Friday (this includes settlements concerning the players’ antitrust suit), putting an end to the longest lockout in the history of the league.

Manning might miss entire training camp

Even though the NFL is going to start on time, Peyton Manning might not be able to be ready for training camp as his recovery concerning the neck operation he recently went through is taking longer than expected. It is not clear as to how much training he will miss, but sources close to the player are saying it could possibly the entire camp.

Fernando Alonso is gunning for a victory in Germany

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso took the first victory of this year in Britain as the last round of the Formula One season at Silverstone on July 10, and the experienced driver is now aiming for another win at the German Grand Prix. The Spaniard is currently holding the third position at the driver’s championship with a total of 112 points, and he hopes that another victory on Nuerburgring (the won it last year) is going to help him to get close to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in order to be number one.

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