Navi Mumbai is popularly called as a planned city since its inception. It is proliferating in a great way in regards of its education. Education makes everything perfect and let it touch its utmost roof by letting one’s anticipation roar in the sky. Navi Mumbai is situated in Maharashtra state, being rich with Maharashtrian cultures, customs is quite developed with its education system as well. A society takes many years to be created and another many years to be developed. Schools and society are both interrelated. A society can’t grow fruitfully with having school in it and a school can’t get built without a society. A society gives recognition to a school, and a school gives name and development to a society. That’s how, both has been existing on the surface of this earth. People are the pioneer of this planet, they will make what they want, some people already put their footprints on this earth who enlightened the path of thinking of people in such way afterwards people started to act like that only and got to know what knowledge exactly means in one’s life. It can show the right path to go; it can teach you the right methods of living a human life with all happiness and being pleasant in it.

Education means first the schools education. The school education is the basic education which should be passed on in a chain manner.

Navi Mumbai is quite flourishing with best schools like boarding schools, day boarding schools then such best numbers of international schools as well. The international schools over here in Navi Mumbai are considered as the best schools in India where 15% of students are from abroad. Because of its good teaching services students’ scores graph don’t get the chance to decline in any year. Teachers are so skilled and experienced, the way they teach the students and hold classes are brilliant. Students are also quite enthusiastic regarding their studies, because teachers have taught them the value of education, that too quality education. Classrooms of such schools are too much high-profile. Students of these schools belong to such royal families, because the fees of such schools are also high as they are providing the best to the students which guarantee one’s bright future, if the student itself is very meritorious. Apart form these facilities, school services give students the opportunity to play with their hidden talents also, hidden talents refer to such dance, singing, sports, dramas, indoor, and outdoor both games and so on so forth. Such facility allures more students to the schools and makes them furnished with all skills.

Certain numbers of boarding schools are also giving tough competition to each other. Boarding schools have also achieved such fame and name for which others can only dream. These schools are two steps ahead than the rest, in field of academic performances or in extra curriculum activities as well. Teachers are found highly dedicated towards their job and engrossed in building good career prospects for the up-growing students.

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