A low self image is hard to get rid of in a culture where we that nature is something to be afraid of and that being satisfied with stop us from becoming anything great in life. We are told that nature is accursed and something that we must strive to defeat most of our lives. As a result of this we don't understand the gifts that nature offers and how we can learn from nature. One of its major teachings is the equality of everything, in the real sense.

When we look at nature we find that everything has a place, or a niche in which it fits. The tree grows seeds and surrounds them with food that we all the fruit. The birds come and eat the fruit and the seeds and then the bird spreads the seeds for the tree as it defecates. The worm in the ground digs through the soil leaving deposits that make it richer and small tracts that aerate the soil, thus making it healthy for every one and everything.

Everything seems to have a niche that makes the earth more beautiful, interesting, and resilient. It is nothing that these creatures plan, they do this just by living lives fully engaged in the world. We human beings also have a niche. Unlike the animals, however, our niche has been changed. The niche of the human being, the thing that has allowed us to survive as a species, has been our ability to think. Going further than that it has been our ability to create.

To a great extent human beings have been able to think of something needed in the world in their mind. Through much thinking and imagination and the work of their hands human beings have the talent of taking things in the world, working on them, and creating something new. Some cosmologists and theologians go so far as to say that this is what makes the human being the image of the divine. The human being, they say, is the universe realizing itself.

This is a very different image that the one we receive as children. We learn that the universe is something like a machine and that we must narrow down our thoughts and feelings and learn how to fit into this machine and prosper. We end up losing our abilities to think, to speak in multi-languages, and a great deal of imagination as we learn to read, write, speak, and think in more narrow terms. Along with this we internalize a hierarchy that says that those who can fit in as a machine part the best are the ones who deserve more space, resources, and prestige. The ones who can master words, symbols and numbers are the ones who are better.

We learn to strive to be better, thinking that we don't have much worth if we have not mastered power over something. Negative voices often plague us telling us that we are not good enough in some area or the other, so we move in the other direction by pushing and over compensating, or we give up and our lives begin to fall apart making us apathetic or even sociopathic in some cases. All of this comes because we are not satisfied with whom we are and because even the thought of being satisfied is frightening. Many of us fear that we will not continue our movement onward and upward forever if we are satisfied, so we find ourselves running on a treadmill seeking satisfaction outside of ourselves in order to find joy.

The only way to get off of this treadmill is to deal with these internalized depreciating voices. We can do this by using various methods of meditation, chanting, and other methods that can still the internal voices and return us to our pristine selves and our original mind so that we will work in order to express our beauty, creativity and uniqueness in our lives, instead of working to prove that we have worth. We will be exploring some of these methods February 24 at 7PM EST. Please feel free to sign up at our website and join us for this 1 hour introductory seminar. You will find a link to our website, John Gilmore's Healing Hands at www.dswellness.com where you can sign up for this free webinar. I hope that you can make it.

Looking at nature first, and seeing the way things live together in nature can help us understand our place. Nature is not perfect, but all of the species do live in their niche. We humans don't usually live in our niche by using our abilities to create for ourselves and our community, we sell our creative skills and specialized knowledge to other people so they can use them in order to make their own dreams come true.

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Om Prakash (John Gilmore) Is a Spiritual Counselor and a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Bodyworker. He is the founder of John Gilmore's Healing Hands and the Cyber Circle of Creation Spirituality at www.cybercircle.com. To sign up for this webinar please visit our website: www.philadelphiasatyoga.4t.com where you will find a link and where you can sign up for our newsletter.