Are you looking to naturally cure heartburn? Thousands of people will search the internet each day for home remedies to cure acid reflux but only hundreds will try these remedies. It is truly unfortunate that most westerners have a stigma about natural health.

Did you know that natural health treatments can sometimes outperform their medicated counterpart? That means that acid reflux home remedies could be better than antacids.

If you have been having less success with your antacids, you may want to learn how to naturally cure heartburn.

Heartburn Home Remedies Cure Acid Reflux

Here are some free remedies to help you cure your reflux symptoms. Because GERD is often caused by poor dieting which leads to a damaged or weak sphincter… (The sphincter is the tissue above the stomach opening that allows food to enter or exit the stomach.) It only seems reasonable that strengthening this tissue will cure reflux.

1. Begin your treatment with avoiding some the 'heavy hitters' that damage the sphincter. You should avoid smoking, alcohol, carbonated beverages and acidic and spicy foods. All of these should be avoided for a couple days to begin the healing process of the sphincter.

2. You should also be drinking water regularly. I recommend drinking one glass after every meal or snack. Water cleanses the sphincter which can help create a tight seal around the stomach opening.

3. Honey is a common remedy to heal the sphincter. You should try to suck on at least 3 teaspoons daily.

4. Eating a red apple is also important and is a natural acid reflux remedy. Eat a slice or apple whenever you feel an attack near.

5. Finally, you should also regularly take swigs of apple cider vinegar which helps keep your stomach acids heightened. This will keep acids in the stomach and is also a researched remedy that works.

Naturally Cure Heartburn in Hours

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