It is so refreshing to know that the world is slowly waking up to being organic. Whole Food stores are the new grocery store destination and more and more things seem to be turning green. More people are choosing paper over plastic or are driving gas saving cars. Now people are even turning to solar energy. I wish it didn’t take us so long to realize how vital these things are to earth’s survival. But I guess better late then never!

The other day I was at the grocery store and I asked for paper. The clerk nodded her head and the groceries were bagged. Here is where the point of my story comes in… she put plastic bags around the paper bag that was holding the groceries! She literally bagged the bag. Now not only am I using plastic, but I am using twice as much bagging. What was the point of that? She was actually what inspired me to go even more green. I started researching different opportunities and ways to save our earth. The most intriguing topic was solar energy. As I read I found that there are multiple DIY solar panel projects. It doesn’t even seem that intimidating to build your own kit. There are whole lists of sites and techniques. There are videos and guides. I have not started yet but I am impressed with the outcome. You save a lot of money on your bills by turning solar. It sounds worth it to me!

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