Are you trying to lose weight naturally without the aid of any so-called 'magic pills' or 'revolutionary diets' that turn out to be just a fad and not all that good for you? There are plenty of ways to lose weight in a fast and natural manner without someone trying to make a quick buck from your goals.

Below are some ideas on how to lose weight naturally – in ways that can be integrated further into your daily life, even after you have initially achieved your weight loss goal.


"Well, that's how I put on weight in the first place!", you may say. The point is to eat foods that are healthy for you that are fresh and wholesome such as fresh whole grain bread, leafy green salads, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Many foods that we think are healthy for us simply are not, such as whole wheat bread which actually has plenty of preservatives and processed nutrients. Other than that, make sure that you eat organic food, eat a variety of foods, and steam your vegetables in order to stop necessary nutrients being destroyed by the cooking process.

In regards to eating a variety of foods, this includes meat as well. If you are a meat eater, you can still eat meat – but make sure to cut out the fat. Fish is much better than poultry, and poultry is much better than pork and beef.


Never underestimate the power of water. Depending on the climate, how much you eat, and how much you exercise daily, you should be drinking between 6 – 8 glasses per day. Fruit juice, coffee, tea, any alcohol, and soda do not count as water. Other good drinks included certain fresh fruit juices and decaffeinated herbal teas, but they are still not as excellent as water. Staying hydrated means that you have enough energy, because some hunter pangs are actually hydration pangs.

You may be wondering about your dairy intake. Dairy is good in the sense that it does provide calcium, but calcium can be taken in other ways. Cheese, butter, margarine, and milk are actually questionable. If you do need to consume them, then eat non-processed cheese and drink low fat or skim milk. Try not to eat ice cream, because there are actually plenty of “goodies” in there that you probably did not know existed, such as using deithyl glucol which is used instead of eggs, peperonal, aldehyde, ethyl acetate, butyr aldehyde, amyl acetate, benzyl acetate, and more. All of these have other main uses such as killing lice, anti-freeze, paint thinner, nitrate solvent, leather cleaner, ingredient used in making rubber cement, oil paint solvent, and dye for lumber and plastics. If you do want to have ice cream, make your own or try soy cream combined with fruit juice.

Stress Management

Learn to relax, as weight gain and stress are related. This is because your adrenal glans will release cortisol and adrenaline into your bloodstream which causes your body to conserve fat. If you are suffering from chronic stress, this can muddle around with your metabolism. Some people may also emotionally eat without realizing it. Instead, why not do something productive, or do a passive or active form of relaxation such as walking, breathing exercises, prayer, yoga, meditation, tai chi, music, or hypnosis.

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