Agoraphobia has, for a long time, been a condition that's been widely misunderstood. The literal definition of this disorder is a fear of open spaces, however this view can be very misleading. Individuals who suffer from agoraphobia panic disorder are afraid of the feelings of anxiety and panic that happen when in certain places. For some, the feelings of panic can happen at home, whilst out shopping or even in church. This disorder comes about when an individual begins to avoid the places and situations that cause the feelings of intense panic and anxiety. Some of the more common phobic situations include standing in line, driving, meetings and social gatherings.

A phobia is more than just a typical fear, it's an intense and excessive fear of a certain object or place. Some of the more common agoraphobia symptoms include a fear of being alone, the inability to leave the house for long periods of time, a sense of helplessness and an overdependence on others. There are also other physical symptoms that mimic a panic attack and those include trouble breathing, dizziness, excessive sweating and chest pain. This disorder can severely limit an individuals ability to socialize with friends or attend important events. Often a person suffering from Agoraphobia will have a safe zone, or somewhere they can go without worry, however more often than not this disorder can make a person feel like a prisoner in their own home.

As with any kind of mental disorder agoraphobia treatment often involves the use of medication such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. Often with these types of medication your doctor may need to try you on several different forms before finding the right one that works for you. The most common medications are SSRI's, however they are far from benign. These medications can come with a variety of unwanted and uncomfortable side effects that include blurred vision, weight gain and, in some cases, an increase in anxiety. They are also expensive and can cause an individual to become dependant on them, afraid that their symptoms will reappear if the medication is missed. When you opt for a natural agoraphobia cure, you run none of the risks associated with taking prescription medications.

Two immediate benefits that you will find from a natural treatment remedy include lowered healthcare costs and no side effects. Other benefits include increased self confidence and the ability to deal with your anxiety without the use of medication. When you use a natural treatment, such as relaxation, meditation and positive self talk, you are not only empowering yourself by taking matters into your own hands, but you will also have the ability to better understand the cause of your anxiety and cure it. Natural treatment, such as controlled breathing, can be done anywhere and at anytime and cost nothing. Medications help to mask the symptoms, while natural treatments help you to cure your disorder for good. Agoraphobia is one obstacle that can be overcome, and it can be done starting now if you are prepared to put in the effort.

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