* Firstly, make sure that you keep your nails clean and tidy. Always try to keep them hygienic. Moist environment will create a favorable condition for the growth of nail fungus. To avoid this you can pat your legs and hands always dry. Other than the moist environment warmth will also help in the growth of fungus. So try to shun the use of shoes regularly.
* Include more garlic to your food. This has an antifungal capability. You can also take good fungal treatment along with garlicky foods to get rid of the fungus in your nails effectively.
* You can also soak your feet in lukewarm water with salt dissolved in it. This is a very good treatment for the toe fungus. After soaking your feet you can use a dry towel to pat your feet dry. Even if you do not have the nail fungus problem you could do this every day to prevent the occurrence of fungus in your nails.
* Aloe vera is yet another natural home remedy to get rid of the nail fungus. They fight against the nail fungus effectively. You should clean your nails properly before applying this in your feet.
* Tea tree oil is also a great treatment for the fungus in your nails. You should apply this oil in your nails every day after cleaning the affected portion. This has an antibacterial property and helps to fight against the nail fungus. You could apply this very often without fearing about the after effects. Since they are natural remedies, they will harm you in anyway.
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