All about stress-free New Year gift

For the majority of the people, the eve of the New Year is the most stressful night as they are under constant pressure for welcoming the New Year with enthusiasm that will foreshadow the succeeding 364 days. Unlike other years, 2013 too has brought with it myriad New Year resolutions accompanied by stress and exhaustion of keeping them up. Often people think that chopping up stress in such situations is difficult but with natural stress remedies one can keep all their stress at bay.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that stress is likely to crop up anywhere and at any time. It has indeed become an inevitable part of life. Though you cannot eliminate stress completely you can at least make sure to keep it within healthy levels lest you or your loved ones can end up battling with health problems associated with severe stress levels.

These days, more and more people are resorting to allopathic medicines or what is popularly known as anti-depressants for controlling and relieving their stress levels. Although these help in alleviating stress symptoms, they also contain adverse side effects. Hence this New Year give your loved ones a healthy New Year gift in the form of natural stress remedies and help to keep their stress levels down.

Remain stress-free this New Year naturally

  • Listening to music: the soothing effect of music preferably quiet, slow classical music will help to relax one’s mind and body. Such kind of music has shown a beneficial effect on one’s physiological functions, lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart and pulse rate and decreasing the stress hormone levels. Along with this, music can help to absorb one’s attention, give one the time for self-discovery and above all acts as a diversion.
  • Exercise: Exercise is good for the body and as per studies it has been discovered that there exists a significant link between stress and exercise. When one exercises, one’s body releases endorphins; hormones that help to fight stress. Exercise is regarded as one of the best natural stress remedies as it also helps one to forget their problems thereby clearing their head. Nearly every type of exercise ranging from weight lifting to aerobics acts as stress relievers. Yet some of the most suggested exercises include Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and aerobic exercises. However, the choice of any physical activity depends on one’s physical condition and interest.
  • Sleep: this is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress naturally. Too little sleep will leave one on-edge, irritable and cranky while too much sleep will leave one depressed and sluggish. Hence finding the right balance is of utmost importance as it will help one feel well-rested as well as ready for the day. There are certain foods that help in promoting sleep including turkey, dairy products, figs, peanuts, bananas, and carbohydrates. This is one of the most recommended natural stress remedies.

These are few of the most beneficial natural stress reduces. Give this healthy New Year gift to your loved one and let him enjoy a hale and hearty life all through the year.

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Christmas brings full of joy and happiness in our life. A New Year gift that will light up everybody home with joy and health.

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