Liver health and New Year

It is indeed difficult in resisting overindulging during the New Year with all those delicious New Year goodies everywhere. The poor livers over the festive season get a little hammering. Excessive alcohol consumption and rich fatty foods placed a heavy load on one’s already overworked liver.

Almost everyone is guilty of overdoing over the New Year in heavy rich foods that one normally avoids eating. Indigestion is a common problem that people generally suffer from too much New Year cake, turkey and pudding. All this exerts extra strain and pressure on the liver. To help people from overcoming from this condition, below is a list of natural remedies for liver health as a New Year gift. Eating these diligently and with dedication will help one in preventing the New Year bloat.

Have a healthy liver function this New Year naturally

  • Indian spices: as per studies, it has been discovered that a list of Indian spices such as licorice, cinnamon and turmeric helps in improving liver health. Try incorporating these in the daily diet by drinking licorice teas post meals; add cinnamon to oatmeal and turmeric to a bowl of stewed vegetables. Lemon also acts as an effective liver tonic. For best results, squeeze the juice of half lemon to a glassful of lukewarm water and drink this concoction every morning on an empty stomach. Alternatively, one can also try apple cider vinegar and parsley. This is one of the most recommended natural remedies for liver health.
  • Sugar cane juice. It helps to treat jaundice, helps in more urination, promotes liver cleansing and above all is beneficial for general health.
  • Green Tea: green tea is known as a liver friendly herb. It is renowned for its myriad health benefits including its effect on both the liver as well as the kidneys. Enriched with the potent antioxidant polyphenol, it helps in fighting against free radicals. As per a research it has been discovered that green tea contains catechin, a polyphenol that helps in curing viral hepatitis along with lowering damages caused from alcohol as well as other liver disorders. This herb acts as a diuretic that helps in increasing urinary output along with flushing the toxins from the kidneys. This is one of the most favorite natural remedies for liver health.

The liver is amongst the most important organs of the body; hence having a healthy liver is a must during New Year. Give these natural remedies to oneself as a healthy New Year gift and stay healthy throughout.

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