Getting pregnant in these times is easier and less complex than the earlier times. There are various ways and means available to become pregnant. There are many ways to conceive. Tools are also available in the market which will assist you to track your fertility.

1. Recording your ovulation period is needed in order to chart your cycle efficiently. Another indicator which may be used to ascertain ovulation period is by taking note and monitoring your Basal Body Temperature or BBT. You will be able to foretell your most fruitful days by recording your ovulation period every month. This will also aid and guide you when perceiving whether there are problems like low progesterone. This defect can happen during your luteal phase (one of the phases connected with menstrual cycle).

It is imperative to have a regular monthly cycle if you want to get pregnant. Eating a healthy diet and taking Vitamin A will help you fortify your reproductive system thus regulating your menstrual cycle. Another way is to take Vitamin C. Supplemental Vitamin C can increase hormone levels in your body. Vitamin D on the other hand aids in ovulation process. Other vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and B12 sustain your body when it comes to the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle.

2. Love-making positions also have a great part in helping to get pregnant. These positions play an integral part in getting pregnant. Man on top, also called missionary position, is one of the most usual sexual position. This position is recommended by experts because it increases the chances of conception since it allows the deepest penetration making it possible for the sperm to be deposited nearest the cervix. Now that you know this, you can make the necessary adjustments in your sexual position to permit the sperm to be placed much closer to the cervix. The woman on top position is not recommended since the position can cause the sperm to leak out which may result in fewer sperm to reach the cervix.

3. Another factor when it comes to love-making is how often you should engage in doing the act. The truth is you should have sex as often as you can for this will greatly enhance your chance and probability of getting pregnant. It is also advisable that you engage in love-making during your ovulation period to advance your chances of getting pregnant. This is why it will be so vitally crucial that you record your ovulation periods.

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