OsteoCare/Reosto From Himalaya: Long term natural arthritis remedy
Before learning about the amazing product from Himalaya, we shall learn some more about rheumatoid arthritis, such as its symptoms. Its symptoms include;

  • Inflammation in the joints that can cause swelling, pain, stiffness which can lead to loss of functionality of the joints.
  • The inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis can also affect other organs as well as systems of the body. This can include the lungs, heat and even the kidneys.
  • If this inflammation is not slowed or halted at the earliest, this disease can permanently damage the joints that have been affected as well as other tissues.

Himalaya Reosto is an effective herbal remedy that can maintain your bone structure, bone density, calcium supplementation and hormonal balance. Reosto contains a very unique herbal formula that can help support bone metabolism and at the same time maintain bone density. This natural arthritis remedy can slow down bone loss and at the same time reduce the possibility of fractures.

This Ayurvedic medicine acts as a natural source of calcium as well as Vitamin D in blood. Not only that, the presence of phytoestrogens can help in modulating the synthesis and utilization of different hormones so as to maintain our hormonal balance but, without any side effects.

Apart from rheumatoid arthritis, OsteoCare/Reosto From Himalaya can also be used for the long term treatment of;

  • Senile osteoporosis,
  • Postmenopausal osteoporosis,
  • Prolonged immobilization due to multiple or complex fractures or even surgery due to multiple fractures.

OsteoCare/Reosto From Himalaya: Ingredients

  • Guggulu (Commiphora wightii)
  • Kukkutandatvak bhasma
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)
  • Ashvagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • Godanti bhasma
  • Bala (Sida cordifolia)

Benefits of OsteoCare/Reosto From Himalaya in a nutshell

  • Is a natural herbal remedy for maintaining bone health and structure,
  • Is a good supplement for supporting calcium metabolism,
  • Is a natural source of calcium as well as Vitamin D,
  • Is able to support the microstructure of bone tissue,
  • Is effective in preserving the bone mass as well as bone microstructure,
  • Normal hormonal balance is also well maintained by Reosto.

The prolonged usage of this medication does not give any side effects if taken as per the dosage that has been recommended to you. In case, you have missed a dose, avoid taking an extra dose to make up for the missed dose. Even if this medicine does not give any side effects in the long term, if suspect an overdosage, you take the patient immediately to your ayurvedic doctor.

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