Homeowners in the USA prefer artificial landscaping for its ability to withstand harsh weather, but with natural grass, it isn't possible. Good quality artificial grass cannot be easily damaged by frost or heavy rainfall. What exactly are artificial grass, the booming business for artificial lawn company and the craze behind it?

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fiber material that looks like real grass. The grass is green, and the newest ones mimic brown thatch of dead grass and also come in a different stack of heights. The concept of the grass mat was designed just like a carpet; the grass blades are mechanically stitched on a solid backing pad. The advanced technology has made a reasonable effort to make the appearance of the grass look realistic.

The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass instead of a Patch of Real Grass–

Artificial grass provides several benefits to the customers; a natural grass would require extensive maintenance from professionals so, it saves both time and money. Not only it's an excellent choice for landscaping, but it also saves water and significantly reduces monthly water bills. The natural grass requires about 55 gallons of water per square feet annually.

The Insect Issue:

Pest elimination product for lawns increases more expenditure on maintaining the health of your yard. The artificial turf cuts through the need to buy these products because it's designed not to attract pests. Natural grass requires soil to live, to which it bears food for the insects and growth of fungus. Artificial grass resolves these issues since it's very foundation is synthetic.

Reduce Pollution and Expects Longevity:

Natural grass would require mowing once in a while. The gardening equipment used produces havoc pollution, e.g., gas-powered mowers, blowers, and edgeR. Artificial grass installation leaves no room for pollution. Since it's synthetic, the longevity of these grass is higher, unlike natural grass that needs to be replaced every few years or so.

No Need to Play on Mud:

The rain or lawn sprinkler, either way, there will be mud and puddles. The concept is designed as fake grass for the playground because the pad does not store rainwater that would damage the product. It is made to withstand heavy footfall and drain out the water systematically, leaving it dry and clean. So, your dogs and kids will no longer walk in the house with dirt, because the artificial grass is mud-free.

The Quality Check:

Nevertheless, the quality of natural grass is incomparable, but it comes with the responsibility of maintenance. However, artificial grass does require minimum maintenance, and it isn't heavy on the pocket. The quality of the artificial lawn is as significant as the natural one. The artificial grass made in the USA has UV resistant coating, polyurethane backing; it is lead and toxic free product unlike the ones imported.

Should You Install Artificial Grass?

The majority of homeowners or commercial use water to maintain their living landscape; however, certain parts of the USA face drought and cannot afford to waste water. Naturally, water conservation to growing food rather than for landscaping beautification is a logical thing to do. If your lawn isn't watered, the grass will die, but artificial turf does not require water and lasts up to twenty years.

Artificial grass is a quality product; they last longer and cut down on maintenance expenses. A good quality synthetic grass made in the USA has polyurethane backing, unlike the imported ones with latex. The grass also has a UV-resistant coating, which will preserve the appearance of the grass from turning brown and stay green. Lastly, the artificial turf manufactured in the USA is lead and toxic free for the environment.


Consider everything before purchasing, the quality, and the benefits and does it meet your requirements as a landscape. Natural grass dies; artificial grass is your "forever landscape." Once the artificial grass is installed, your lawn work is done. Contact nearby artificial lawn company for more information and install your grass today!

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