No one wants to deal with cellulite problems, where the skin looks uneven, lumpy and “dimpled”. There are many ways to treat cellulite, and even more books, products, and articles that offer false advice on what to do to get rid of it. Let’s take a look at the more effective anti-cellulite measures out there to see which ones yield the best results.

Topical Skin Creams – There are many topical creams on the market today, and while some only offer temporary results, they do have the advantage of being much less expensive than any of the other methods of cellulite reduction. Some creams work by dehydrating cellulite under the skin; others use herbal formulas to penetrate the skin and kill cellulite cells. No matter what kind of topical anti-cellulite solution you go for, be sure to do your research first. That might be the difference between being a satisfied customer and purchasing a complete dud of a product.

Dieting and Dietary Pills – Many anti-cellulite diets and dietary supplements claim to target and relieve the troubles of cellulite through boosting metabolism, improving and protecting cells from damage and by breaking down fats. However, such claims are not scientifically founded or have proven to be successful in reducing cellulite. Dietary supplements are also not proven by the FDA to be safe and effective and should therefore be taken with caution. It should be noted that the kind of fat that makes up cellulite is not the same kind of fat that most people worry about (i.e. the fat that makes us…well… fat), and cannot be treated in the same way.

Light or Laser Therapy Program – This method of dealing with cellulite is costly (to the tune of thousands of dollars) because treatment must be repeated to maintain results. Despite what some ads may say, currently, there is no scientific research proving the long-term effectiveness of any laser treatment for cellulite.

Various Treatments – Injections, salon-offered wraps and massages which claim to rid the body of cellulite troubles may offer results, but the results are temporary and cannot bring lasting effects for a cellulite-free body. Injections and anti-cellulite messages must be regularly and repeatedly done for any noticeable effects to take place and can get pretty pricey. There are no controlled or reported studies proving the effects of these treatments, and in some cases, (injections) these treatments are considered unsafe.

Although cellulite is a problem for women everywhere, as you can see, there are really no cures for the problem; instead there are expensive treatments, inexpensive treatments, and treatments that are a total waste of time. Be sure to do in-depth research on cellulite treatments before making an investment in any anti-cellulite product or service; your budget and your body will thank you later.

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