Natural Infertility Treatments: Natural Fertility Treatments At Home

Infertility is a very bigger problem in new generation couples these days. Many women want to get pregnant but not able to conceive fast and naturally. They try month after month to get pregnant but failed because of infertility. Infertility places a heavy burden upon self esteem, and stress arises from this negative self images. Many men and women who are not able to give birth of a child feel, less masculine and feminine. They feel that their body is not working properly.

What is infertility- when a couple is not able to give birth of a child after one year of regular, well-timed and unprotected intercourse is called as infertility. This arises due to variety of disorders from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and an ovulation to low sperm count and motility. In a woman who is able to get pregnant but who is not able to carry pregnancy till birth of child may also be considered as infertile. It has not only reason because a successful pregnancy is a multi step chain of events. Problem in any of these steps can lead infertility. Many of you think that, it can happen only with the women but it's not true. But men and women suffers from this horrible disorder.

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Infertility can be treated with medicines, surgery, artificial insemination or assisted reproduction technology. When you go for any of these treatment, many times these treatment are combined. In most of the time this is treated by drugs or surgery. So, are you looking for the ways, how to treat infertility and get pregnant fast and naturally? Here are around millions of infertility cases discovered every year in U.S.A and many other countries. There is huge information available on internet also which can help you in treating your infertility and helps you in getting pregnant in just within 60 days naturally.

If you are suffering from the problem of not getting pregnant for a long time, it doesn't mean that you have to rush to the doctors immediately. If you are not able to conceive, here may be some not serious factors or you may treat your infertility naturally. So, if you are not able to accomplish your goal, you need to try some natural and home treatment first. So, how to treat it naturally at home, just check it out below:

• Ovulation day- when you are trying to get pregnant, you need to notice your ovulation day. This is the only day when women can get pregnant. This ovulation days counted by the average body temperature, changes of mucilage and LH level (luteinizing hormones level).

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• Well-timed intercourse- after finding the ovulation day, you must need to confirm the correct time of intercourse. If you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you need to have sex on time that's 3 to 4 days before and after the monthly cycle.

Exercise activity- if you want to treat your infertility naturally, you should go for an exercise activity that is strenuous physical exercises. It may lead to rarer ovulation in woman and lower sperm count in man.

• The most important is if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you should not have sex 5 days before the ovulation day. It helps in male infertility problems. The most often cause in male infertility is low sperm count. 5 days before ovulation helps to increase sperm count, thus it increases the chances of getting pregnant.

So, above all the natural ways are very easy to follow at home and you can treat your infertility without the wastage of huge amount of money on doctor's fees and medicines. With the help of natural treatment you can save yourself from the horrible side effects of medicines which can affect on your pregnancy and your unborn baby.

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Having right information on 'which foods increase fertility' is a good idea for any woman to get pregnant fast. If thought well, chances of getting pregnant can be made prosperous with right type of 'Fertility increasing foods'. It is the right step to choose right foods at right time for a woman trying to get pregnant fast. Here is the doubt spiraling in women's mind as 'Are there such foods?'. The answer for this question is 'Yes'. Though the food choices have no direct bearing to cause fertility, nutritional food choices can contribute to boost fertility chances to one's aspirations. There are good many foods with essential nutrients both for men and women to enhance fertility. Healthier foods are no doubt natural fertility enhancers.

By eating foods high in nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, the body is revitalized which means the metabolistic function of the body is geared dramatically. The tags below are recommended as fertility enhancing foods.

Minerals and vitamins

By consuming selected foods, a woman can aim to intensify the pregnancy chances. Such foods increase one's fertility rate of the reproductive system. Here are the exact tips on what foods enhance fertility positively.

Zinc: Zinc tops the list of excellent mineral agent boosting fertility both for women and men as well. The natural zinc foods are wheat bran, pecan nuts, pine nuts, and cashew nuts. The role of zinc in women is to revitalize the body of the women. Oysters, eggs, shellfish and liver are excellent foods for increasing fertility in men by increasing the sperm count and density.

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Iron: Iron is essential to help production of healthy eggs in women. Iron increases hemoglobin count of the blood cells. It carries oxygen and other nutrients to add vigor to the organs. The recommended iron source foods are cockles, black pudding, liver, wheat bran, and Thyme varieties added with egg or vegetables.

Vitamin C: As Vitamin C improves the hormone levels, the fertility chance is naturally enhanced for women. For men, vitamin C helps to keep the sperms from clumping and thus there is a good movement of sperms. The good source of vitamin C includes cherries, oranges, strawberries, and whole food supplements.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an excellent source to keep the reproductive system of men and women active and in vigor. Vitamin C enriches sex hormones and enzymes helping to enhance fertility to get pregnant. Avacados, apples, eggs, peanuts, and sweet potatoes are good for men and women.

There is no magical pill for increasing fertility. So, a woman can consume vitamin and mineral based foods as fertility increasing foods.

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I recently heard from someone who asked me if the PH of her husband's sperm would have any affect on her ability to conceive a girl or a boy baby. I suspect that this question stems from the information in some of my previous writings which suggests that if the mother's to be PH is acidic, she is more likely to conceive a girl. But, if it is more alkaline, this gives an advantage to the X sperm (which makes a girl more likely.)

This gave rise to the question as to whether this was also true of the father to be's sperm. The writer knew that her own vaginal PH could have some influence as to whether she had a boy or a girl, but what about her husbands ejaculate? I had not seen a lot of literature on this, so I researched this before I responded. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information on this. I am certainly no expert, but the indications are that this is because the PH of a man's sperm isn't thought to have that much influence on his baby's gender, but testing this is used to pinpoint other issues which could be important. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Common Evaluations Done When Testing A Man's Sperm: These types of tests are often completed when a couple is having or suspects some fertility issues. Sometimes, these tests are done when the man has had a vasectomy and wants to see if the procedure was successful. Some of the common tests that are often done are: sperm count; volume, morphology (seeing if the shape and size are normal); movement; PH; color; and liquefaction, to name only a few. The results of these tests can tell the couple the over all health of a man's sperm as it relates to his fertility and his ability to conceive.

Why Specialists Look At Sperm PH: The results of the tests I mentioned above can give important information about a man's fertility. The tests considered most important by many are the sperm count and successful movement. For the most part, the chemical make up of the sperm is thought to be less important than the factors mentioned above.

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But, the normal range of PH range is said to be around 7.2 to 7.8 which is considered somewhat alkaline. It is said that a range that is much more acidic might indicate a blockage while one that is too alkaline might indicate an infection. Sperm that is well outside of the normal ranges could potentially end up slowing down the movement or cause difficultly penetrating the egg. Luckily my research indicates that this situation appears to be somewhat rare.

I Found No Evidence That Ejaculate PH Affects Baby Gender: Although I did find suggestions that in severe cases abnormalities in PH could affect a man's fertility, I could not find anything which indicated or even hinted that this had any affect at all on whether the man in question produced a boy or a girl. I have read several studies on men who seemed to produce more of one gender (an example would be a man with several daughters and no sons) and these studies indicated that even in these cases, the men in the study had equal numbers of X and Y sperm. However, these studies didn't test the chemical make up of the sperm.

What To Take Away From This: The woman who asked me this initial question was wondering if she should tweak her husband's diet based on this suspicion. Based on what I found (and didn't find) my opinion on the father-to-be's diet didn't change. It's always a good idea for the man to eat a balanced and healthy diet. I don't find it necessary (or even advisable) to test the husband with the litmus papers and then try to tweak the results. From all that I have read, it seems it's advisable to allow the PH to remain in the normal level so that it can move and penetrate the egg normally.

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People who are trying to conceive a boy baby often contact me and ask me for the best sexual positions or timing to make sure they have a son. I often hear comments like "My ovulation period is coming up and I want to make sure that I do everything right. What is the best way to have intercourse to conceive a boy baby?" I will answer this question in the following article both in terms of sexual positions and the timing of the intercourse.

First, Here's One Consideration That Doesn't Relate To Intercourse: I'm going to be going over three considerations in this article, but only two of them have any thing to do with sex (which I will get to shortly.) But, the first variable has to do with your acidity and pH. If you want a boy, you can't afford to be too acidic. The reason for this is that an acidic environment isn't conducive to the Y sperm chromosomes that are more likely to give you boy babies. So it's in your best interest to check your acidity with PH testing strips and then tweak as needed by altering your diet or using the appropriate douches. Now, onto intercourse considerations.

When You're Trying To Conceive A Boy Baby, It's Important To Have Intercourse At The Right Time: It makes no sense to use the perfect boy making sexual position only to do so at the precisely the wrong time. If have sex too soon or before ovulation, you risk those Y sperm I mentioned before dying off because they don't live as long as the X or girl producing sperm. If you wanted a girl, you would have a longer window in which to have sex. But, since you want a boy, it's best to use restraint and wait until after ovulation. You can tell the time is right by using a good ovulation predictor. You want to wait until after you get a distinct and undeniable positive reading. This gives those vulnerable Y's the best time chance because the window of time is shorter, which is better for them.

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Use The Best Intercourse Positions That Give You The Best Chance Of Conceiving A Boy: Above, I have addressed two variables that are necessary because of the vulnerability of the Y or boy producing sperm. The intercourse positions that are best for a boy conception also address this vulnerability. That's why it's advisable to use deep penetration when you have intercourse or sex. This gives those sperm less distance to travel which is just one more thing to give them a slight advantage.

When we discuss deep penetration, most people will assume that what is meant by this are positions such as: the missionary position with raised or lifted legs; rear entry; or using pillows to prop under the woman's pelvis or hips to get the best angle for your favorite position. And, all of these are fair game and can work very well. But, it's important that you determine which of these works best for you as a couple. (What works best for you may not be any of these.) This is going to depend on many variables like the build and physical attributes of you and your partner.

The real goal is the place the sperm as close as you can to the woman's cervix so that the sperm has less distance to travel (and hopefully has much less difficulties since you've made the environment alkaline rather than acidic.) This is unique to every couple and it doesn't hurt to experiment before it's actually time to conceive.

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