Heart diseases are so common these days. For this reason it is really very necessary to know how can we keep ourselves safe from heart diseases and prevent them. Let’s see some very easy home remedies that we can take to keep ourselves safe.

• Eating apples of apples daily will reduce the heart's weakness. For this, weakness and heart sit in 15-20 days.

• For the weak heart, taking 4 grams of rooted daily with chukanya will reduce the weakness of the heart.

• After eating half the stomach food, mix the juice of green gooseberry in 35 grams of water and after this, start eating again. It treats the heart's weakness. Thus 21 days of doing this experiment eliminates all the cerebral related weakness.

• Fill the flowering of the flowers from the Harsingar plant and mix the sugar mixed in doubled quantity of flowers and keep it in a vial in a vial. 40 days later, after giving this gulkand 20 grams of sugar every morning in the evening, the heart gets stronger by eliminating the heartbeat of the heart, it has the power to strengthen the heart.

Lemon has special properties to remove heart disease and weakness. Through its continuous use, blood vessels come in a lot of flexibility and tenderness and their hardness is removed. That is why lemon is useful in removing diseases such as high blood pressure. From the consumption of lemon to the old age, the heart remains strong and does not fear the heart attack . Any kind of blood pressure, lemon juice in the water, it is beneficial to drink several times a day. Drinking a lemon juice in warm water in the morning drink is very effective in heart disease.

• Doing such treatment of heart disease leads you to vitamin C 299 to 400 mg in 100 grams of guava. It gives strength to the heart. Gives strength and power This is the easiest way to reduce the weakness of the heart, which eliminates the weakness of the heart. Along with this, even if the patient uses the litchi every day, it also gives the same benefit.

• This remedy of urad also treats Hart's disease - soak half the rest of urad dal at night and grind it in the morning and mix milk and sugar candy. This is a very beneficial use for heart, brain and semen. Only people with good digestibility can eat it. Eating urad pulses with peel leads to increase in body meat.

• Asafetida also gives strength to weakened heart and prevents bleeding. Blood pressure is easily done with the consumption of asafoetida. Asafetida is extremely beneficial for those with weak heart.

• Combining the warm decoction of the gutka (khaath) with salt, consuming one cup daily reduces heartache, heartache, heartache, and pain.

• Eating a teaspoon of honey daily eliminates cardiac weakness. One spoon honey contains 100 calories.

• During the winter season, take seven cards of Tulsi, four coconut black peppers and four nuts and almonds, grind them all like a cold and dissolve it in half a cup of water and drink daily and remove heart disease and weakness. Apart from this, treatment of other cardiovascular diseases also measures this.

Honey is proven to eradicate the weakness of the heart, it also protects the heart from spreading. Due to cold or weakness, when the heartbeats get stronger, knees begin to knead, then by taking 2 spoonful honey, you get new strength immediately. Weakness, heart failure, etc., if we suffer, add one spoon of honey in hot water and drink it.

• When some heart attack attacks a heart attack, four to five buds of garlic should be chewed immediately. Hart will not spread by doing this. After this, you should continue to boil in garlic milk. By giving garlic in heart disease, the air pressure in the stomach becomes soft. This strengthens the heart.

• Treatment of heart weakness with jaggery - By mixing jaggery and ghee, there is a lot of benefit.

• Take 5 grams of Dana Fenugreek and make a decoction. By mixing honey with it, it also cures the old heart disease.

• This remedy by taking Amla's powder with the milk at night while sleeping makes perfect gains in heart diseases.

• Mixing carrot marmalade and 200 grams of carrots and adding 100gram spinach juice is also a problem treatment.

• To treat heartburn, pour the tamarind juice mixed with sugar candy, it will be immediately benefited.

• What should be eaten in heart disease - Urgent vegetable is said to be 25 grams daily, there is a panacea in cardiovascular diseases, so Arabic must definitely eat. Along with this, black gram should also eat heart patients.

• Use of seasonal use is very beneficial to strengthen the heart and blood institution, blood vessels and capillaries. Seasonal juice is also a blood purifier, so: it is also beneficial in skin diseases.

• Take 4 kg of bark juice of the Arjuna tree, one kilogram of pure ghee and cook both together. When the amount of ghee is left in the juice, leave it and filter it. Drink this ghee by mixing it with 10 grams of milk daily in the milk and it reduces the pain and weakness of the heart.

• Grind 10 seeds extracted silk, 10 mints, 10 small cardamom seeds and diamond beef and cinnamon 10-10 grams and keep them in a vial. Take this medication in a pinch of such quantity and keep it in the mouth and dissolve. Use 4-5 times a day This is the fastest and most effective way to power the heart.

• If the patient has a demand of calorie in body he or she should go for vegan sources of calories. Such as – Avocado calories. It will keep their heart safe. As avocado provides good cholesterol and eradicates the bad ones.

Following these rules we can have a healthy heart without any doubt. As these are remedies are easily found in all our kitchen so we will be easily able to follow the instructons.

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