When we set out to create the energy booster, our key motive was to make our food even more powerful. As parents, health & fitness enthusiasts, we all want to enhance the nutritional value of our meals and snacks. Our idea was to create an energy booster that could be mixed with shakes, smoothies, Dals, Oats, curries – even khichdi!!

Fortified with the power of almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, barley, sesame and gum, Asili’s Energy booster is the ideal mix of nutrients in a powdered form. The choicest ingredients have been roasted and powdered at ideal temperatures to retain their nutrients. The taste is mild and pleasant thus making it easy to mix into other preparations.

Feeling lazy? Just mix it in a glass of milk and gulp it down.
- Good for skin, hair, eyes
- High Fiber content
- Reduces Cholesterol
- High on Vitamins, Magnesium, potassium
- High in Omega -3 Fatty Acids
- Lowers LDL ( Bad Cholesterol)

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Making you healthy the natural way is our key priority and hence each ingredient is procured carefully, keeping in mind it’s natural goodness.