Beauty is a woman's jewelry that must never be undermined. We all love women and girls who are beautiful, either inside or out. Inner beauty is as important as outer beauty, although today we only believe in outer beauty. A beautiful person is loved by everyone, including his enemies. To enrich beauty, a woman can adopt natural or synthetic methods. There are natural ways that enhance the beauty of a woman, but it takes some time and does not have any side effects, while on the other hand, synthetic methods, although they give instant results but have negative side effects.


Synthetic methods can spoil the skin and have some drastic effects on the body. These days, synthetic methods are quite prevalent, but their effects can only be known later.

The best tips and tricks of natural beauty are:

• Oil cleaning: Instead of using strong soap to cleanse your body, use castor oil mixed with olive, almond, or coconut oil. This is a natural way to cleanse the skin with natural oils. You can rub a small amount of oil on the dry face for a few minutes. After the massage, wash your skin with steaming water and gently cleanse it.

• Natural tanning: natural bronzers allow a healthy skin and body. Helps give shiny skin by keeping the epidermis healthy.

• Face mask: Food face mask is better than any other synthetic mask. Papaya and orange peels are better than artificial ones. Keeping cucumbers in the eyes, provides cooling and relaxation.

• Hair conditioners: mix avocado with banana and water and condition your hair with it. It will give you straight and puffy hair, rich in protein. These hair conditioners are healthy and more powerful than artificial ones. Instead of shampoos, use natural hair conditioners.

• Sugar scrub: Place a mixture of brown and white sugar mixed with almond or olive oil on your skin. Gently rub the mixture onto your face and hold it there for a while. Glucose and fructose will not metabolize fat cells and will give you smooth, even skin.

• White teeth: strawberries are the best way to clean and whiten teeth. A paste of baking soda and strawberries gives effective and natural white teeth.

Here are some of the best natural beauty tips and tricks that will enhance your range of beauty. They will have positive results, they cannot get artificial advice and products.

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