Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which mainly occurs due to poor metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein; fortunately there is natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes. Diabetes can be categorized into two diabetes type I and type II, type I is a condition when a person produces lesser quantity of insulin or no insulin at all also referred as insulin-dependant diabetes. Type II diabetes is a condition where a person does not respond to insulin activity and also referred as insulin-independent diabetes. Nearly 90% of all the cases of diabetes are type II. Since this is a chronic disorder and requires regular treatment hence natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes is the best way to treat the problem as it is free of side effects.

Acacia Arabica is a wild plant but works as natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes, roots of this plant in powdered form is recommended to the people suffering with high blood sugar due to insulin insufficiency. This herb stimulates pancreatic beta cells to produce insulin and promote sugar metabolism for energy production to lower sugar levels in the blood. Aloe vera is another herb which has hypoglycemic effects and increase glucose tolerance in diabetics as well as healthy people. Aloe gum is recommended for people with high blood sugar and works as natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes.

Fenugreek is another very effective treatment as it stimulates insulin release which metabolizes blood sugar. This is used as dietary supplement by people suffering with high sugar levels as well as by healthy people for lowering blood sugar. This herb also shows anti-oxidant properties and is natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes. Guggul is one of the oldest herbs for treating high blood sugar. This herb has anti-hyperglycemic effects and is widely recommended in Ayurveda for treating diabetes mellitus.

Certain food items are also well known for their positive effects in treating diabetes. Onion is very useful dietary supplement for people having high blood sugar, it has anti-oxidants and hypolipidaemic activity and works well for reducing blood sugar. Garlic is also recommended as effective food item for treating diabetes. Allicin is a compound found in abundance in garlic which is responsible for its pungent smell, but this compound has very powerful hypoglycemic properties and reduces blood sugar effectively.

Indian gooseberry is used as fruit or spice in India and as herb in other countries; this is also very useful and effective natural and safe herbal remedy for diabetes. Mango leaves, Indian plum, holy basil and bitter gourd are other very useful food items which can be included in the diet and also as dietary supplement in powder or extract form for controlling high blood sugar in the blood.

Human body extracts sugar mainly from carbohydrates, consuming low sugar and low carb diet is very necessary for treating diabetes. Timely and regular smaller meals are much better than two large meals. Regular exercises increase energy requirements of the body which initiates sugar burn in the blood for energy fulfillment; hence these are very effective in lowering sugar level and also in increasing the effects of herbal remedies.

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