Apparently inherited "allergy gene" passed my mother from my grandfather when we are suffering from allergies and the symptoms are almost identical. Being terrible (sometimes legitimate, sometimes not), allergy medicine, which gives one of the most important things that my grandfather had to control the environment that he lives in one of your natural allergy treatment side effects. Here are a few things that he has made a huge difference.

When patients begin to work with an allergy proofing "your home, one of two things usually happens in the process. They either do nothing or "overdo it." Some patients become so overwhelmed with all the different methods of allergy proofing that they simply do nothing. That's always a disappointing outcome, especially when the process is so simple and inexpensive. Routine and thorough cleaning and temperature and humidity just focusing on the basics can lead to fewer symptoms and substantially improved quality of life.

Sometimes, the opposite occurs. Allergy isolation process is a long and extraordinarily expensive. Expensive and often inefficient whole-house filtration devices are installed when simple cleaning and reduction of humidity and temperature were adequate. Obviously, there are situations in which the need to take extreme measures. Before going this route, but it is best to consult with your doctor. Start with the easy things first.

The next section will describe the best action to take allergy proofing your home. Always take a calculated approach to speed up the process, as if some problems. First, we focus on the best ways to clean, and the second part, on the availability of technology.

air purifier

Invest in a quality air purifier. But before that, do a little research. If you buy your home, then an excellent job cleaning a larger area would be better if you buy your office then lower the knife will do the job. And there are different types of air purifiers, asthma, specific treatment PET / industrial / chemical sensitive wipers. Me and my grandfather, we have chosen a universal kind that ionization, picks up pollen, and uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria in the air.

It is especially important that you leave the air purifier while you are resting and sleeping. This allows your body, for example, to recover, rather than deal with allergic reactions.

Dust mites and mold-resistant sheets and pillowcases

, This is for those who are allergic to dust mites and mold a blessing from heaven. There is nothing worse than sneezing and itchy throat to keep you up at night, and these sheets will allow you to get that you need to rest. There are also allergies curtains and wallpaper, but it will cost you a little more money. However, it may be worth investing in them as one of the natural allergy treatment if you are suffering from severe symptoms.

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