If you have been dealing with an individual who has severe Narcissistic or Sociopathic Traits, your experience has probably left you reeling and searching for answers! I may be able to help you through your challenges.

I am a sought after Relationship Coach and author that specializes in
toxic, emotionally abusive relationships. If you are dealing with someone that has low empathy, is passive/aggressive, engages in covert manipulation, control, betrayal, lying and gaslighting, the relationship dynamics are quite different.

There are very specific tools of communication and behaviors that can help you navigate feeling unhinged and bereft.

The first step to healing is acknowledging that something doesn't feel right. The second step is believing that you deserve a life that brings you joy, comfort, and balance.

I work with clients all over the country. If you live in the New York City area, we can meet in person for individual sessions or you may want to join our support group. If you live out of state, I also conduct phone and Facetime sessions.

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Learn how to disarm the toxic people in your life and start your path to healing.


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Laney Zukerman, The Relationship Coach, and Author.
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