Napoleon Hill said he visited with Aristotle, Edison etc. He received brilliant ideas from his visits with the greatest minds – dead or alive. His meetings with counselors, he admitted, may have been fictional and perhaps were only his imagination. However they changed his life. He felt he tapped into an infinite warehouse of wisdom. Back in 1937 Napoleon wrote “Think and Grow Rich,” and the book remains to this day the bench mark to lessons of this kind.

Hill claimed this visualization technique was the ultimate tool for sourcing skills and information. He claimed he could tap into the mind of anyone for advice, wisdom and guidance: Jesus, Socrates, Newton, Burbank, and Lincoln, Plato, Homer, Edison, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci and other invisible counselors. Whether imagination or not – this technique changed Hill’s life.

What if you could use this technique at will? Imagine receiving crystal clear answers to questions like:

• What is my true purpose in life?
• How can I start making money doing what I love?
• What can I do next to improve my health, career or relationship?
• What beliefs are holding me back from achieving my goals?
• What is the most important thing I should focus on right now?

To do this I’ll describe the technique below. First decide who you want at your boardroom or round table – anyone who’s famous alive or on the other side: dancers, musicians, singers, writers, politicians, financiers, philosophers, athletes, physicists, scientists, travelers, composers, inventor, playwrights…


1) Just before going to sleep at night, or in meditation close your eyes and envision a group of people surrounding you – alive or dead who are amazing leaders, enlightened beings, or profound in their area of expertise that you want advice from (perhaps Gandhi, Abe Lincoln, Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson etc). You can invite anyone to join you – celebrities, authors, inventors, politicians, or anyone you deem powerful or influential. Once you have your counselors, you become the chairman and you prepare to lead the discussion.

2) Be sure to have a definitive purpose for holding the Council Meeting, such as anything you need to change or improve or need advice on.

3) Call on the Council Members for wisdom, and guidance you need. You can ask each one and receive advice and answers. Keep an open mind.

Hill reported that during each visitation the council members started to develop individual characteristics. All of what happened surprised him. They literally took on life. At time counselors gave him information he could never have glean on his own. What was going on? Another plane of existence? An active imagination?

Napoleon Hill was not alone. Some of the most influential people, like Thomas Edison, recognized inventors, would take afternoon naps and receive information that they woke up with in order to get ideas and creative inspiration.

Walt Disney ran all his ideas through a meticulous process: 1) he closed his eyes and imagined.

All of these men discovered how to tap into their unconscious minds.

Abraham-Hicks reminds us: “The basis of life is freedom. The purpose of life is joy. The result of life is growth.”

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