If I told myself a year ago that my retreating hairline could be fixed, I would have laughed off at the thought. In fact, one year ago can be described as the worst year I have ever had to go through. A visit to the doctor confirmed my worst fear. I was in the early onset of prostatitis and had to start treatment immediately. Besides that, I seemed to be losing all my precious hair.

Every new month came with a new prescription and each one of these conventional medicines left me weaker than I had anticipated. Upon seeking advice from my doctor, I was directed towards stinging nettle rich compounds and Saw Palmetto. However, the doctor also prescribed a lower dose of conventional medication to establish control. One of my friends who was going through the same directed me towards Nano Singapore’s Men’s Vitality Formula. Not only did the formula have these compounds, it also promised a versatile range of other benefits.

I was very excited to start this journey and noted every single little change that I experienced from day one. Truly, I feel better every single day and my general outlook on life has surprisingly changed.

The Magical Blend in Nano Singapore’s Men’s Vitality Formula

Made from an all-natural ingredient list, Nano Singapore’s Men’s Vitality Formula can be described as a natural multi-nutrient formulation for men. The formulation contains a pack of 4 powerful natural immune boosters. Mainly; Echinacea, beta glucan, spirulina and garlic. Other ingredients of key interest include Echinacea, Lutein, lycopene, urtica and Saw palmetto. In combination, these ingredients make up the ultimate formula for increased men’s vitality.

How to consume

A great selling point for Nano Singapore’s Men’s Vitality Formula, is its consumption directions. Simple and very easy to accomplish. One is required to take 2 capsules in the morning with a meal. However, as in my case, if one is unwell or at risk of being unwell such as in the case of pregnant women and babies, they should ask for advice from a medical doctor before consumption.

Another important fact to note is that Nano Singapore’s Men’s Vitality Formula should not be treated like actual medication for a disease. The product is simply a men multi-vitamin formulation. As in my case, one should highly consider the opinion of a physician before consumption.

What should you expect?

Product use starts from the point of purchase. So, what should expect from the point of purchase? Available from an online platform, Qoo100, the customer service experience is outstanding. This is especially in comparison to the hundreds if not thousands of online shops currently in the market. Delivery is done in great time as advice and a clear chain of communication is maintained.

From the product, expect a change in your immune system with great spasms of energy increase. Also, Echinacea acts as a natural laxative and guarantees you a definite bathroom break. If you suffer from inflammatory conditions, you are in for a very pleasant treat since Echinacea is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. Lastly, Beta Glucan Is guaranteed to help you manage diabetes, fight cancer and controls cholesterol. Get ready for your body to be re-built, literally. Do not be shy to hsare your journey in the comments section below.

About Singapore

For those that haven’t heard about Singapore. Singapore is a pretty amazing country often called the “Shangri -La of the East” . Singaporeans enjoy one of the highest healthy life expectancy in the world, ahead of the USA, Switzerland, South Korea & Germany (WHO 2017). They are also the happiest country in Asia Pacific since 2015, ahead of Bhutan (UN-World Happiness Report 2017).

Their students has also scored No.1 in Maths and Science in International Education Tests (TIMSS IEA 2016) since 2016,

Where to Purchase?

NANO Singapore is currently sold on popular online e-marketplaces in Singapore namely Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee. They also have their own website at http://www.nanosingaporeshop.com

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