Interest on chemical behavior of Nano silver has substantially grown over the years, mainly for its pursuit as an effective antimicrobial agent. Research states that silver has a relatively wider range of antibacterial and anti-fungal attributes than other metals. And, hydrogen peroxide is a deemed eco-friendly sanitizer, owing to its oxidizing attribute, aiding in the elimination of harmful microorganisms wherever used. It ruptures the total cell structure on contact, without leaving behind any traces for replication.
Hydrogen Peroxide and silver manifest excellent antimicrobial properties, their chemical synergy adds a lot of value as a prompt yet effective disinfecting agent with limited toxicity.

Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide, from its name can be understood as a combination of oxidizing hydrogen peroxide stabilized with Nano silver. Upon application, it helps out in eliminating harmful microorganisms across multiple media without any residual toxicity. Hydrogen Peroxide being a potent oxidizing agent, damages the total cell structure, coming in contact with the microbial cell wall.

Upon cellular execution, the silver quickly stabilizes the remaining peroxide and store its activities for further use, without allowing it to degrade. This chemical alliance of silver and hydrogen peroxide manifests excellent antibacterial, anti-fungal properties, effectively eradicating harmful microorganisms and preventing their reproduction, owing to the presence of silver ions which alters the DNA structure of those micro-organisms. The combination of these elements provide high efficacy against pathogens in almost all possible applications such as soil, water, air and hard surfaces, on contact basis.

Nano-Silver Technology has grown over the last decade, extending its utilizations in day to day applications.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide is most sought after disinfectant owing to its following attributes:
• Cold sterilant, viz., does not require heat to disinfect
• Multipurpose, broad spectrum product
• Eco-friendly, leaving water and oxygen
• Antimicrobial silver
• Fast acting
• Non-staining, non-tainting nature

Chemtex Speciality Limited is an esteemed manufacturer of Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide under the trade name of “Alstasan Silvox”, utilized as a multi-purpose sanitizer and disinfectant in different applications of food processing, beverage, brewery, dairies, agriculture, hospitals, pharma, fisheries, poultry, drinking water, swimming pool, air conditioning, wineries, water tank and pipeline disinfection, reverse osmosis membrane, fumigation, effluent detoxification and various processing industries and institutes.

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