This news has just come from the official executive website that Nagaland state result today 8 pm is publically out. And for the lottery players, it is time to check their tickets for the declaration of winning the lottery.


Nagaland lottery result is on the way to you, just keep calm and check your lotto ticket and match the digit arrangement with the result.

It’s 8 pm and time for the result of the lottery Sambad or Nagaland state lottery as well. Don’t be late and start searching the result of today 8 pm lottery result.


Check the lottery Sambad night result now!


Lottery Sambad Today


For the newbies, I want to make clear what exactly the lottery Sambad today, and Nagaland state lottery?


In a net shell, Nagaland state lottery is just a clone to any other lottery. This is the game that is being played in the Nagaland. People f Nagaland state play this lotto every day and they won a good amount as well.


The gameplay starts from the morning and ends in the night. It is the first lottery which has three draws in a row every day.


  • The very first draw announce in the morning or at 11:55 am
  • After the first result announcement, the second result draws at 4 pm or in the evening
  • And at the end, the final result draws right at 8 pm


Check the Lottery Sambad Result and win Millions

If you are well familiar with lottery Sambad then you must be familiar with the truth that this lotto can make you a millionaire in overnight.


Yes, this lottery has a tremendous amount of money for the winners. Lotteries are always a source of attraction for mankind. Who doesn’t want to become rich? Who doesn’t want to buy a new home, a new car, and properties in foreign and who don’t want to enjoy life without any hassles? I am pretty sure no one will be on this list.


So being mankind, we people tend to play lotteries as is one of the shortest ways to become a tycoon in a short period, and most importantly without any hard work. You spend 8 to 9 hours in an office and get maximum 10k in a month, but the lotto can earn you 10x more in just over a night.


Lottery Sambad Today 8 pm

Nagaland state result today 8 pm legitimately broadcasted their result at 8 pm. Most of the players have already checked their results. For those who are still looking for the result announcement, just check the result live.


And I want to say congratulations to all winners of today lottery Sambad who won the lotto.


For those, who are still struggling with their luck, I would say never lose hope and get better luck next time.


Until then, keep smiling and share the love. If you have any question for today lottery result, then don’t be hesitated to contact us.



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