MYTH - Cold weather/Hot weather can kill coronavirus FACT - According to WHO, no such scientific proof is established to believe this theory, as per current research, it can stay in both conditions for a longer period of time

MYTH - It can transfer through mosquitoes bites
FACT -To-date there is no such evidence or information that can suggest it can be transferred through mosquito bites, it is respiratory diseases which spread through droplets from the infected person

MYTH - Pneumonia vaccines can protect you from coronavirus
FACT - Although there are few symptoms common between both diseases, still COVID-19 will need its own vaccine, pneumonia vaccines will not be effective for coronavirus

MYTH - It will affect only older people, young people are safe from this
FACT - No, as it is more likely to infect older people who are already having few pre-medical conditions(Asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, etc) and also due to their less immunity power, However younger people will also likely to get infected

MYTH - Antibiotics are effective in preventing & treating the coronavirus
FACT - No, You may receive the antibiotics once you are hospitalized to prevent the bacterial infection in the body, but it will not be able to prevent or treat the coronavirus effectively

MYTH - Holding your breath for few second will tell you whether you are infected or not
FACT - People who are having more serious lungs/respiratory disease will have this approach work for them, however, people who are having mild symptoms will not be able to tell whether they are infected or not with this virus

MYTH - Eating garlic will prevent the infection from the coronavirus
FACT - Garlic does have some antimicrobial properties (Active against micro-organisms who are responsible for spreading disease), however, there is no such evidence from the current pandemic that it will prevent the spreading of coronavirus

MYTH - Thermal scanners will detect the people who are having coronavirus
FACT - It will only be able to detect those people who are having a fever(body temperature higher than the normal body temperature) however people who are infected and not having a fever will not be able to detect using thermal scanners

Hope these facts will help you to maintain awareness about the new pandemic i.e. COVID-19
Stay Safe, Stay Home :)
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