Is it really possible to make a living online? Well, the answer is yes and there are literally a lot of ways to do that. Now, since we are talking about making money online, it is also important to be aware on the issues of internet fraud.

For the past years, internet scams and frauds have grown in almost all areas of the internet, which have made people concerned of doing things online. While there are many scams out there in the online business world, there are just as many legitimate ways of earning money online. Researching on specific online money making approaches will give you a lot of information and tips on spotting these scams. A lot of people have successfully made a living online and continue to do so today.

Here are the most common sales pitches or statements used by most internet frauds and scammer and the truth behind them:

Myth - "Make Money Overnight!"

They promise you an easy way to make money online while you are sleeping. They also make it sound like there is no or little work involved.

Truth - It is certainly possible to earn money online while you are sleeping but only when your online business is set up and running. It is never an overnight thing since making money online takes hard work and a lot of dedication. Online businesses take time to run smoothly but it certainly is worth the effort in the end.

Myth - "Turn your computer into a money making cash machine!"

This sales pitch is very common and there are thousands who use this one. They also try to make it sound like it is just one push of button away and the money will come flowing in.

Truth - The statement itself can be true but I would advise you to be very careful with sales pitches that start this way. As I previously pointed out, it requires hard work and dedication to take such claims. Most online businesses sell the business itself but scammer sell the money making benefit. So in reality there is really no business but the scammer makes money off people who pay them for what they say they will give.

Myth - "Get rich in 30 days!"

This statement is also seen all over the internet. This is very attractive especially to people who are in debt or have lost their jobs.

Truth - This time frame is so impossible to achieve. A more realistic time frame is six months to less than two years. All I did during these times is to drive a lot of traffic and get back links to my website. A lot of people often gave up after a few months because they did not get the results they expected.

Myth - "Create a website and wait for the money to come in!"

They promise you this statement but it is only a portion of the whole story.

Truth - I would say building a website is the easiest thing to do when starting an online business. Although just building your website doesn't ensure that people will see it and buy from it. You need to drive traffic to your website by submitting your site to search engines and directories. Write articles about your site and post it in forums. Driving traffic is a lot of work but once you get a good traffic, it's all worth the effort.

These are just a few of the many scams floating in the net today. I hope I have given you an idea on how internet frauds deceive people, thus avoiding unnecessary losses on your part such as time, effort and money. Always filter your options by doing research on the online opportunities that you want to venture in. The choices you make should always be supported by tried and tested facts that are available online.

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