There are many phrases I hear time and time again when I speak to people about hypnosis. It is time to dispose of some of them.
Getting Stuck in Hypnosis.
A common fear that is totally unfounded. If the hypnotist goes home, dies, falls asleep or is absent for any other reason, the subject will gently drift back to normal reality. It is impossible to be stuck in a trance state. In fact, I bet you have never read about anyone stuck in a trance state either!
I will lose control
The hypnotist does not take over your mind. You are aware of everything that is said, and because you feel comfortable with it, you can let it happen, and enjoy the process. If the fire alarm went off, or something happened that threatened you in any way, you would immediately become fully aware of everything and able to react appropriately.
But I saw a stage show once where.....
Let me finish that sentence. The people on stage enjoyed being the stars of the show. They were extrovert people, the best subjects selected from a very large number and although they did some strange things, they were fully consenting to be used for entertainment, and fully expecting to do some silly things. That is what happens at stage shows, and they, like you, expected it to happen.
Only the weak minded/strong minded/sober/drunk people can be hypnotised.
The reality is, that virtually everyone can be hypnotised, subject to them wanting to be. It is not a measure of the strength or otherwise of your will, intelligence or any other attribute. Some people respond quicker, some slower, but everyone can be hypnotised. Occasionally it is not the right time or place, or hypnotist for an individual person but on a different day, maybe with a different hypnotist it will be the perfect time.
I might reveal my innermost secrets to the Hypnotist.
You remain in control at all times. Therefore you will only say or talk about things that you want to talk about. Some hypnosis sessions do not require you to talk at all; at other times that might be part of the therapy. At no time will you disclose your bank details etc. If it were possible, I am sure the Sunday papers would be full of rogue hypnotist stories.
But someone famous on TV did this or that....
What you see on TV is part of the story, not all of it and is edited for entertainment. Magicians do not saw people in half in reality; it just looks like they do. So it is with ‘hypnosis’ on TV – much of it is not what it seems! Trust me.... I am a hypnotist!
The best solution for you is to try it for yourself. Call today and speak to a real life hypnotist and find out the answers to your questions.