We have been seeing numerous claims about the hazardous effects of home-made fries. Question is these claims are facts or greatly exaggerated. U.S. nutritionists have presented a valid refutation of the three most popular deep-fat myths.

Myth 1. Deep-frying oil saturates foods with dangerous carcinogens.

Deep-fried dishes are often blamed for the prohibitive content of toxic substances - carcinogens. Among the deadly toxins are mentioned acrylamides, aldehydes, ketones, polycyclic substances. When such products are consumed in food, poison accumulates in the body and has an extremely negative effect on health.

Truth. In fact, carcinogens are formed in oil heated to smoke temperature. For refined sunflower oil, the limit is a temperature of 232 degrees Celsius. High-quality home deep fryer allows you to adjust the heating within 160-190 degrees. There is one exception: the carcinogen acrylamide is formed during the frying of starch-containing products (potatoes, cakes, etc.) at a lower temperature - only 120 degrees.

By the way: carcinogens penetrate products when reusing oil. French fries will not contain carcinogens if you change the oil after each cooking cycle.

Myth 2. When deep-fried, a large amount of harmful trans fats is formed.

The main argument of opponents of fries is the high content of trans fats in finished products. On many sites there is claim that French-fries 40% consist of trans isomers of fatty acids that disrupt many metabolic processes in the body. Such a high concentration of hazardous substances is explained by two myths:

When heated to a temperature of 160-180 degrees in vegetable oil, the formation of trans fats occurs.
Refined vegetable oil already contains up to 25% trans fats.

Truth. In fact, trans isomers are found in hydrogenated industrial vegetable oils. To obtain trans fats, just heating, which is provided by household appliances, is not enough . A chemical reaction occurs with the simultaneous participation of two other factors: high pressure and pure hydrogen.

Myth 3. Fry dishes are too fat.

The ideal ratio of vegetable oil to product is 4 to 1. There is an opinion that in contact with such a huge amount of oil the product will be oversaturated with fat. From this follows the conclusion about the excessively high calorie content of fries and about their harm to the liver and body.

Truth. In fact, the fat content of some deep fryer dishes (for example, French-fries prepared from fresh unfrozen product) does not exceed 5-7%. The product does not absorb a lot of fat due to the “protective” crust, which is formed in hot oil almost instantly. A similar effect is achieved at a heating temperature of 190 degrees.

From above proven medical facts it is now cleared that cooked food from latest airfryers are safe and healthy. New advanced medically and technically well proven manufacturing of kitchen appliances make them more safe now days. So keep these myths away from your lifestyle and enjoy delicious air fryers food experience because we live once. Happy cooking foodies !

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Johnny Fortune is an expert in nutrition. Always looking for the next big thing in learning and knowledge.