One of the biggest issues a woman has to face is body hair. To remove body hair women, use all different types of methods – waxing, shaving, or even hair removal creams. However, all these methods are time-consuming and painful as well. Therefore, women should try getting laser hair removal. Read the full info here website link for before waxing. This site gives you tips for compulsory before waxing any part of your body.

You must have heard various stories about how this process is not good enough and can lead to mishaps. Therefore, to clear all these misconceptions, we got in contact with Dr Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai. 


The most common myth about laser hair removal is that it is not a safe option.

According to Dr Niketa Sonavane this is not true. she stated that This process depends on the type of device that is being used in the treatment. Numerous devices are FDA-approved and safe to use. she further added that to take precaution you should visit a certified and reliable dermatologist for a safe and risk-free procedure.

Dr Niketa Sonavane, also stated that women have different skin types, so some may experience redness, swelling, or change in skin color after the process, but it will go away in a few weeks. To find out how her clients skin might react to the procedure  Dr Niketa Sonavane, always tests a small patch of her clients skin to make sure they do not get an aggressive reaction. 

Increased hair growth

It is rumored that laser hair removal increases hair growth. 

When we inquired about this from Dr Niketa Sonavane, she told us that that hair growth varies from person to person. Certain people start losing body hair with age and some start gaining body hair, for some people body hair grows back at a higher pace than others – just like the hair on a person’s head. She explained to us that Laser hair removal destroys the follicles, but it does not stop them from regrowing. However, after the procedure, it may take some months for the follicles to grow back and after you continuously get the procedure done it might take a few years for the hair to grow back.


It is widely believed that this procedure can be painful. 

However, according to Dr Niketa Sonavane, this method can cause discomfort in some patients, but not in all. She stated that some patients, with a specific skin type, might feel intense discomfort, but it will not be painful. 

In case you do feel like taking some caution, Dr Niketa Sonavane, believes that you should ask your dermatologist to apply a numbing cream before they start the procedure and you will be good to go as this is what she does for her clients!

Guaranteed hair removal for life after one session

Some people also believe that if you get one long session of laser hair removal, they will get rid of excessive body hair for life.

In response to this myth, Dr Niketa Sonavane, stated that hair all over our body is meant to grow back after some time, no matter what method you use to get rid of them. She stated that While this procedure destroys the follicles, the follicles grow back after some time. If you get various sessions of the treatment done, over time the hair will start growing back at a very slow speed allowing you to stay hair-free for several months or years.

You shouldn’t get the procedure done in summers

Another myth about the process is that you shouldn’t get it done in summers.

Dr Niketa Sonavane, recommends women not to go out under direct sunlight for the next 72 hours after getting the procedure done. she stated that going out in the sun right after the treatment might cause some skin damage. Otherwise, Dr Niketa Sonavane, finds no problem in getting the procedure done during the summers.

However, Dr Niketa Sonavane stated that women might have to get a few extra sessions if they are getting it done in the summers for perfect results. 

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