After you cross the teenage, it occurs that reality about life is way different than expectations. Many times, the difference is significant. In other cases, the variance is not so massive; rather it is pleasantly startling. The same is true about RVing. People quit their jobs, sell their assets, and buy an RV to become a full-time traveler. However, the reality about an RV strikes too soon, which may or may not be very pleasant for everyone. If you are preparing to rent or buy an RV in India, you must know the challenges that you will face, more in some locations than others.

Staying in the lap of nature

RV traveling is not common in India, so you may not find plenty of RV parks. You have the choice of parking your vehicle anywhere you like among the mountains or beachside, but it will pose a problem of dealing with electricity, water, and disposing of waste. Dealing with challenges is a part of RVing in India and abroad. While driving around the huge car, you may not get to be much on the hills as you always thought.

However, you may find several RV camps abroad in a few countries, but most of them are not located among the green trees. The traditional RV parks are situated in the hamlets with concrete portions to park the vehicle very close to each other. You may have to deal with additional challenges if you wish to reduce the number of challenges while parking an RV in the woods.

RVs are only for the elderly

Yes, an RV comes for a lot of money, which many people have only after their retirement. However, the fact is that many people, in their 30s and 40s are getting attracted towards buying an RV before they retire. People want to enjoy everything they want in their life during their youth. They realize that life will not wait for them to travel and enjoy their time. With options like virtual schooling and work-from-home, people like to be on the go and yet lead a conventional life with a twist.

You have to own a big RV

Considering the sheer size of a grand RV would make an experienced driver shudder as it takes a lot of pain to maneuver it. Yes, it does offer more space and amenities, but it comes with a lot of disadvantages, the topmost of them being its price. You have to keep aside a lot of money to buy a huge RV than you would need for a smaller RV. Moreover, cost to maintain the larger vehicle is much more than you can afford. You would need to buy a significant amount of fuel, spend more on every facility, and maintenance. More storage means that you will buy many things that will increase the weight of the vehicle.

Travel is cheap in an RV

Unlike earlier days, the cost of traveling in an RV is no more meager. You have to spend a lot of money of fuel, RV park fees, maintenance, and repair of the RV, cleaning material, the interior of the vehicle, food, and Wi-Fi. In India, Car Rental Mumbai and other cities are much cheaper options than breaking your bank and putting all your money in just one vehicle. To run an RV, you have to be an expert in money management. Otherwise, you may risk losing all your money in just a while and returning home with just your RV. Investing in an RV takes a lot of time, effort, and money, because of which RV travel may or may not be the suitable option for you.

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