In a country like India, sex has continued to remain a taboo. Perhaps this is the reason why the myths or misconceptions surrounding sex have only intensified with the passage of time. Sex isn’t discussed as it should be – though constructive discussions often lead to education and education helps us get rid of misconceptions. Today, in the course of the post, we’ll be discussing a few myths regarding sex and sexual health in general. Read on in order to be duly guided.

Myth #1: If you are having sexual intercourse during menstruation you’ll not conceive

Do let us tell you that though there are fewer chances of getting pregnant, it is not completely impossible. Chances of pregnancy are the highest during ovulation. Ovulation is that stage of your menstrual cycle when a small egg travels from an ovary to your fallopian tube. Girls having short or irregular periods have higher chances of carrying an egg during menstruation. The egg might as well stay for several days in your body. When the egg meets a sperm, there is every chance of you getting pregnant. So be guided in accordance.

Myth #2: There is zero sex after 60

This has actually caused a quiet concern in the world of Sexual Medicine. If you consider a few studies, you will actually come to know that in Europe the chances of sex between older couples are poised to increase by 50% over the next thirty years. In short, under no circumstances should it be believed that people above 60 can’t have sex. With the best sex medicine and good overall health, you can enjoy sexual pleasure even after 60.

Myth #3: Masturbation hinders orgasm

There are many who believe that regular masturbation makes orgasm difficult. This one is a complete fallacy. On the contrary, regular masturbation can actually improve your sex life because it is believed that you are more in tune with yourself. Masturbation helps you understand what you like in bed and what you don’t. And, that’s actually great when it comes to sex.

Myth #4 Sex enhancement medicines are infallible

That’s partly true! But do remember that you can only expect absolute efficacy when you are actually taking the trouble to pick up the best Sex Enhancement medicine Online. Needless to say, it is imperative on your end to ensure that you are actually checking the credentials of the store selling these medicines in the first place. Do they have the long-standing reputation of selling quality medicines? There is no point of investing in sex medicines just for the sake of having them. For results, make sure you are taking quality medicines. And, that will only happen when you are actually taking the trouble to check whether the store has the reputation of offering quality medicines.

Reading reviews and seeking personal recommendations can actually turn out to be a lot of help in this regard. Do your ground work and you can expect to leave no room for complaint. Hopefully, this primer has been of help as well!

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