Resume is like a preface of a book, concise and full of keywords. But should a resume be like this? In today’s competitive job market resume is your key to getting noticed by recruiters. Now to have akey that can unlock many doors for you, you have to write a resume that will stand out. To do this you need to let go of the myths surrounding resumes.

Myth1: A single-page resume is enough

Thesis considered as the golden rule of writing resumes. But the real truth is if you are a fresher and applying for your first job then it is probably OK, but if you are an experienced professional then it is not. The truth is you don’t want to leave any important information just because you have gone over a page, but keep it to the point so that the recruiters don’t get bored.

Myth2: Achievements should be highlighted

This is also a step that you should avoid while writing a resume because if you separate your achievements from you experience then it is likely that recruiters will overlook it. So use bullets to grab quick attention

Myth3- It should have your whole work history-

Thesis also not true, because if you include every job you ever had, twill make your resume monotonous. So if a job has no relevance with the job you are currently applying for, don’t include them. Recruiter is more interested in exactly how you can contribute to disorganisation. Cramming your resume with every possible – even irrelevant detail – won’t really help in that case!

Myth4- Paid experiences should be included

Not true at all, if you are doing any voluntary work or was doing any,include them as they show that you have the enthusiasm, the drive and sense of commitment. However, it’s important to be picky. Talk to Professional CV writers in Australia to find out about the right balance in this case.

Myth5- Avoid Gaps

This is very common as most of us have gaps in our work history. This is because some time people take time off to pursue something else; it could something be personal or something to enhance their professional skill. You are not required to stretch your previous working period, leave a gap and explain this to the recruiter in the interview stage.

Myth6- White lies

Resume is a factual statement, so if you lie it will catch up to you.As many companies perform verification. So don’t lie in resume as recruiters value honesty.

Myth7- A resume will get you a job

Resume will never get you a job. A resume will get you an interview, and then it is up to you to get through it and get yourself selected.A resume is a step toward not the final step. Reach out to the services of Professional resume writing services Sydney to make the most of the professionalism, accuracy and precision that they bring on board but don't expect your resume to literally nail the interview for you!

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