While the world at large has unequivocally warmed up to Ayurveda – thanks to the enduring benefits that it has to offer, there are many who have consistently shied away from the same ruing the tedious process it entails and of course the bitter concoctions they have to polish off in order to achieve desired results.

While the whole concept of Ayurveda is clouded by a series of myths, Panchakarma – one of the crucial parts of Ayurveda remains our focus today. Needless to say, just like Ayurveda – Panchkarma remains a highly misconstrued concept as well. Today, in the course of the post, we will discuss and eventually dispel the myths about Panchakarma Treatments in Delhi. Read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

The Basic Misconception

To start off, people actually go wrong with the basics of the treatment itself. There are a very few people who actually know that Panchkarma is not solely a highly effective herbal massage. Thanks to Kizhi Thirummal and Dhara, there are many who actually believe that Panchakarma is nothing more than an oil massage—especially geared towards bolstering the tourism sector. The fact is Panchakarma is way more than just a massage – it’s actually a rejuvenation therapy that has the power to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Your body is virtually free of all waste particles and is now rendered with the enhanced self-healing capacity by removing inherent toxins engendered by poor nutrition and diseases. Here’s a series of other myths discussed below:

Myth #1: This particular therapy is meant for all

The fact is – it’s the doctor who is in charge of categorizing patients as “suitable” and “unsuitable” for the treatment. Some of the factors on which suitability is based are:
Other factors
It’s the Ayurveda text which has clear details of who is suitable for the particular therapy and when they are suitable for the same. No credentialed Ayurvedic centre will offer treatment arbitrarily just because you want.

#Myth 2: All the five treatments are a must when you’re accessing Panchakarma treatment

Not really! Once again, the specialists will actually go on to select a therapy as per your body type, dosha and present illness. So, in no way – can it actually be said that it is compulsory to settle for all the 5 treatments at the same time. Your Ayurveda doctor will definitely advise you regarding selected therapies.

Myth #3: You Need total Rest before Panchakarma

We can say that there is nothing compulsory here! Most of the times, the routine of the patient is not disturbed by small changes. You will be advised rest in accordance with your Dosha. If you are opting for Virechana and Vamana then you would need at least a day of full rest.

So, mentioned above are the most prominent myths associated with Panchakarma. Do make sure that you are educating yourself about this highly effective procedure by steering clear of the myths. Hope this primer has been of help.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Tarun Gupta has done his B.A.M.S from Delhi University. He successfully completed a diploma in Panchkarma from Kerala. He is the Director & Chief Consultant of SKK Ayurveda And Panchkarma .He has 17 years of experience as a Panchkarma Specialist. He entered the field of Ayurveda after he saw his own father recovering from ayurvedic treatment. The medical surgeries failed but Ayurvedic treatment worked wonders for his father. He has specialization in treating slip disc, osteo arthritis, sciatica, joint pains and skin diseases like vitiligo, Psoriasis etc.