No matter how much the manufacturers of artificial grass claim that it is an eco-friendly option to natural grass (primarily because it requires way less water than its traditional counterpart), most of us don’t trust their claims. Often dismissing their assertion as advertising gimmicks, we are the ones that actually end up feeding on a host of myths regarding fake grass in Brisbane. Do read on in order to be duly informed in this regard.

Myths about artificial grass: We can bet you didn’t know this!

Much contrary to popular belief, artificial grass doesn’t contain lead. All types of artificial grass are not the same. They are not very expensive. What exactly are the other misconceptions that we should steer clear of? Let’s explore answers here!

#Myth 1: Artificial grass is not eco-friendly

Anything with the presence of “artificial” is not environment-friendly- right? Wrong! We can give you several reasons substantiating the claim. Firstly, it requires less water than what's required by real grass.

Additionally, if you’re prudent enough to trust a reputed manufacturer of fake grass in Brisbane, then you can expect to access a range which emits no chemicals into the air and also requires minimal maintenance.

#Myth 2: Synthetic grass contains lead

The origin of this particular myth might as well be traced back in the 1980s when it was believed that this kind of grass contains lead and other chemicals that are harmful to pets and kids. It was believed that artificial indoor grass carpeting shouldn’t be used. However, there is no truth in these claims. Artificial grass in Brisbane is actually designed for complete animal and human safety.

#Myth 3: Synthetic grass doesn’t really look like authentic grass

One way to combat this blatant misconception would be to tell you that the manufacturers know that they won’t really be able to sell as much as they would want if the artificial grass doesn't look like real glass. Artificial grass not only looks like real grass at first glance but even on close inspection, it can befool people into thinking that it's natural grass!

So, you can well understand that you should never believe these myths unless you’re taking a look closely.

#Myth 4: Synthetic grass doesn’t drain well

It should be remembered there is essentially a difference between high quality and poor quality and poorly installed artificial grass. What is, in fact, artificial grass in Brisbane? It is nothing but a "carpet" that covers your property. Does it soak up the moisture in the monsoon? Yes, it is definitely supposed to do so! Poorly installed covers, however, cannot really help you in this regard. You have to invest in the high-quality grass in order to make the most of the drainage qualities offered by artificial grass.

There are people who shy away from investing in fake grass just because of these myths. So, one can well understand why it is so important to educate oneself about the real qualities of artificial grass and steer clear of these myths.

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Author Ron Spencer has the personal experience of fake grass cover in his lawn. He is of the opinion that the quality of synthetic grass in Perth should be duly prioritised before getting the same installed. He also admits that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding fake grass in Brisbane that will only be debunked with the due passage of time.