The search for perfection may very well be the largest obstacle to happiness. What is it that makes us want to be 'perfect'? Better asked, why do we think we aren't?

Webster's dictionary defines the word 'perfect' as follows:
 - Lacking nothing essential to the whole: complete of its nature or kind.
 - Being in a state of undiminished or highest excellence: FLAWLESS.

As a 'wordsmith', it often happens that I spend time with the dictionary on my desk, open and ready for my curiosity. I love words. I particularly love the art of eloquence. Most of all, I am a stickler for using the proper words to say what I mean. And in this case, the word 'perfect' is one that has been nagging me for a while. I wonder if it's really possible. FLAWLESS? Is there really such a thing as flawless? A snowflake perhaps? Or a synthesized diamond? Real diamonds always have flaws. Always. Even the best of the best have some flaw somewhere. So, if perfection is about being flawless, is it realistic to believe that any Being could possibly achieve such a thing? Here's where the fun begins.

There are so many philosophies that claim we are all extensions of God. God is perfect. We are extensions. Thus, we are perfect. Makes sense to me. That is, of course, if you happen to believe we are extensions of this perfect God. The other side of the coin is that we come here, in this human form, to learn whatever our souls need to learn in order to achieve perfection. We have to keep coming back, over and over, until we get it right. Then, and only then, can we live blissfully ever after in some state of heavenly perfection. Hmmmmm.

What's that again?

When you think about perfection, what comes to mind? Is it something you've ever actually seen? Have you witnessed a perfect anything ? How about a newborn baby? Or a sunset? Or the moon on your child's face as she falls asleep? A perfect day? The perfect kiss? A perfect fit? The perfect margarita? Or a rose when it first blooms? Perfection is all around us. I suppose it really just depends on one's perspective.

I believe that real perfection lies in acceptance of what is. It lies in your ability to know, without question, that every single thing, be it a person or an animal or a flower or a thought...everything is perfection if you are able to grasp that we're all One. There is nothing that is not connected to Source. Nothing. With this knowing comes the insight that perfection is already here. So, if your legs are 'too short' or your nose is 'too big' or your belly is 'too fat', then what is it you're comparing those things to? What is it in us that makes us compare at all? Why is it that even the most beautiful people aren't happy with what they see?

Near I can tell, what we 'see' is really a reflection of what we feel. If we feel good about who we are (inside!), then it's likely that when we look in a mirror, we'll like that too. If, on the other hand, we're not happy about who we are, then the image that stares back at us is going to be ugly. Ask any person you know who is happy with themselves and they'll tell you the same. Perfection is an inside job. It's not a myth. It's not impossible. It's absolutely achievable...or rather, it is already what we are. We, as human Beings, have everything 'essential to the whole'. And that, my friend, is what perfection is all about.

Author's Bio: 

Camille Strate is a blossoming Being who spends much of her time writing. She also spends an immense amount of time crafting magickal treasures out of wood. When she makes time for it (which is often!, she rolls around in the grass with her dogs and cat, pretending to be 9 years old. More often than not, she's got a smile on her face & a whole boat-load of love in her heart. Visiting her website is highly recommended.