Abacus is an ancient Chinese calculator. Abacus is also considered to be forefather of computers as all the computer algorithms are based on this age old tool. It was founded 2000 years ago and is universally used.

This concept is popular in China, Malaysia, and Australia and now in India. Abacus consists of strings enclosed in rectangular frame. It has beads on the string and each bead has a unique value associated with it. The Abacus is used to teach children where they use both the hands to manipulate the beads.

In the initial stages, they take the help of abacus to work out the problems. Gradually the abacus is withdrawn and they use only the image of the abacus built-in their minds. This enables them to achieve a high level of speed, efficiency, accuracy, concentration and increase in memory power.

The abacus was invented by Charles Babbage though it’s now being used by the entire world to turn on the mental abilities of young brains. Abacus training sharpens our memory and increases our ability to perform mental calculations. Abacus was designed in such a manner so that the brain visualizes the abacus while performing calculations which automatically activates the right part of our brain especially when we move our fingers over the beads and talk aloud while solving the problems. However, one needs to enjoy the abacus education training process, only then will one be able to truly benefit from the technique.

The energy and abilities of our mind are not limited – it is the master organ which takes all the decisions of the body. The left brain is also known as the digital brain whereas the right brain helps in creative pursuits. Both sides of our brain need to work in sync with each other and that is where abacus training helps us. Abacus Training has become increasingly popular in India of late and helps the young minds understand the great number plan on which the universe is being run. The abacus calculation methods help us in learning number manipulation skills, decimal grasp and digit correlation among other skills. Even the most brilliant students find the use of abacus a great help while solving problems.

The students can use the abacus training to calculate arithmetical problems rapidly. Later on, the students can also perform the calculations without using the abacus, by just visualizing the abacus in their minds. Abacus also helps them develop new and innovative methods of mastering arithmetic, rather than being dependent on just the orthodox methods of learning calculations otherwise taught by the conventional education system. Abacus answers the primary need of the students to make fast and accurate calculations.

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We at Master Mind Abacus developed teaching methods followed universally and train students accordingly. Our R&D Department developed unique software to facilitate the practice of mental Abacus calculation, making it very interesting for the kids.