It was a cool April evening and I was on my way to the New Hope Metaphysical Society’s monthly meeting. Driving up there, it struck me that I hadn’t had a re-incarnational experience in a long time. This thought was triggered by the fact that the speaker for the evening would be speaking about reincarnation, past lives and her work as a past life therapist. She would also be leading the group into a past life regression.

I was excited by this fact, because I knew the speaker and had great respect for her work. I had also experienced a group past life regression at my former office/center several years back where I was led back to re-experience four past lives in quick succession- One as a minor Egyptian prince in ancient Egypt; one as a Siamese king, one as poor Indonesian village man and one as a peasant girl in the South of France in the 1700’s. This experience can be best described as an exciting collage of impressions and memories accompanied by a subtext or knowing as to their inherent meaning and purpose. Like snapshots from the past, however, the memories were rich but quickly faded. I wondered if tonight’s experience would be the same or very different from my previous encounters with the past..

When I arrived at the meeting, it was a “packed house” with forty five people showing up. Many, I’m sure, knew the speaker and had come up from Philadelphia just to hear her. Her lecture was fascinating. Giving a general introduction about the theory of re-incarnation, she explained how we have all lived many lives before, in different times and in different locations to learn different lessons that our spirit (soul) has determined to be important for its overall growth and development. Her presentation was fascinating, offering facts and theory with a gentle precision and delicacy that added to her ethereal appearance.

She explained, that, as a past life therapist, she led people through a process of self discovery by allowing them access to their past lives and selves that often contained themes or issues that were important to them in their present life. These themes were often repeated from lifetime to lifetime as part of the overall definition and purpose of the soul’s journey. Past life memories could be alternately inspiring, informative and healing as they could shed greater light on and and explanation for the issues, purposes and interests we contend with in our present life. This struck a chord with me as my past life memories did offer a plausible explanation for (or source of) my personality traits, interests and skills. They also enriched and deepened my concept of self as I literally experienced myself in a multi-dimensional fashion.

She further added that “present life” fears or phobias, especially ones that could not be explained or resolved, often have their origins in a past life incident that was very traumatic, often involving injury or death. Past life regressions, using hypnotic suggestions, allowed one an opportunity to re-experience a traumatic past life event without any pain or discomfort so as to clearly see its source and purpose in that life and how that event relates to ones present life. Just by reviewing this life, in a safe, non judgmental environment, one could easily come to terms with the trauma and resolve it quickly and easily. After just one or two sessions, she added, her clients were often permanently relieved from their fears or phobias.

After the initial lecture and refreshment break, she returned to offer a group past life regression to a lifetime in which we were very happy and content. This pleased me as my past life memories were not necessarily pleasant, often including struggle, pain, poverty or personal sorrow.

Her regression technique involved a relaxation induction, to relax our physical bodies and minds, and a guided visualization to take us back to the appropriate lifetime. Her suggestions involved boarding a train and traveling, by rail but faster than the speed of light, back into the past. I found it easy to see myself board an old fashioned train replete with smoke stacks and looking out, through pane glass windows, to the universe beyond, flashing by me at incredible speed. At some point,she guided us to slow the train down and then to stop it when we reached our destination.

At her suggestion, I sensed my train slowing down and when it stopped, I quickly hopped off the platform onto a grassy meadow. Then she asked us to look down at our feet to see what we were wearing and, then, up our bodies to see the rest of our ensemble. When I looked down, I saw that I had on a pair of golden sandals, very thin and delicate, reminding me of ancient Greece. As I mentally scanned my body, I saw that I was wearing a white toga which also reminded me of the kind of clothes that women wore in ancient Greece.

I “saw” that I was a young woman in her mid twenties who was quite beautiful, pale skinned with strawberry blonde hair that hung in curls around her face with china blue eyes and delicate features. I thought to myself that I resembled a young Liv Ullman, the Swedish actress. At this point, an “inner voice” informed me that I was not in ancient Greece, but back in the time of Atlantis, living on the Southern tip of the fabled island in the year 23,000 B.C. I was a little surprised by this revelation, but pleasantly so as I had always had a fascination with the “lost continent of Atlantis” and was secretly hoping I had lived in that time period.

She further suggested that we look around at the environment to see where we were and what it looked like. At that point, my “visuals” took off and I felt I was (walking) inside my own movie. I saw myself walking along a road high up on a ridge overlooking cascading meadows and hills with Eucalyptus trees scattered here and there, again, reminding me of Greece. I felt that I was living near the beach and that I was walking back home. I quickly arrived home to my house, which was built underground. All one could actually see of the house was the roof above which was attractively covered with flowers and a garden. I saw myself walk up terraced steps to the roof and sit down on a bench in the garden where I could look out over the horizon to the beach and sea. It felt like I was living in or near a fishing town close to the shore. With a few more suggestions from she, a flood of images and understandings came to me about this life and its purpose.

I knew I was twenty five years old and living at home with my parents. I loved living at home and felt quite content to be there. I instinctively felt myself to be in harmony with all things, with the environment around me and with people. I was strongly connected to and in sympathy with nature, plants and animals. I felt a great joy from this connection and from being in a state of harmony with all things and radiated a kind of beauty, serenity and peace as a consequence. My essence was of harmony and beauty. I was gentle and kind and treated all beings with respect. I was not “stuck on myself” but rather, selfless and generous. And I was quite happy with my life.

I saw that, later, I entered a temple of learning as an initiate into the psychic and metaphysical arts. I joined the Temple of Hegira, to be specific, one dedicated to the Goddess energies and “female arts”. It was there that I first learned how to channel information from spirit guides and teachers and to prophesize. I lived in this temple for the rest of my life, eventually becoming a priestess, dedicating my life to the Temple. Though I never married or had children, I was very content.

I saw later, that at my death, or near it, my body was laid out on a stone table covered with a cloth. I was in some kind of altered state and there were priestesses surrounding me. They were chanting and I knew that, when it was my time, I would disconnect from my physical body and join with the other priestesses (in spirit) who maintained a connection to and guardianship over the Temple. I felt joy in this knowledge.

At this point, the “movie” ended and in synchronistic fashion, she asked us to end our journey and to return back to our present life. So I saw my (present) self hop back onto the train and return back to the meeting room and presentation. Still in an altered state, we were all asked to “tune into” this life again by simply connecting to its energies and essence. When Djuna made this suggestion, I saw myself connecting to my past self and taking hold of her hands and feeling her essence. It felt as if she was sending me energy from her hands, energy that reflected beauty, peace and harmony, which quickly radiated into my hands and down into my body. It felt very healing and nourishing, like a Reiki energy session and I was in a state of ecstasy for a few moments. I quickly thanked her and spirit for such a beautiful experience. She then suggested that we “tune into” the purpose and lessons of this lifetime and to see where this life paralled or shed light on our present life.

What immediately came to mind was that the lesson from this lifetime was to simply know that it is possible to be completely happy and fulfilled in one’s life experience and to, consequently, be at peace with the world. For as my Atlantean self, I felt total fulfillment in my being and purpose and was in complete harmony with my environment. I felt great peace, joy and happiness as a consequence. I also knew that this lifetime represented my first incarnation as a channeler, for it was in this lifetime, as a priestess in a temple of learning, that I was initiated into the art and science of medium ship.

When I think about this life, I feel joy rising up in my heart. These memories will always serve to remind me that one be completely happy in life. That one can experience joy, peace and harmony all or most of the time. That these qualities of life truly exist and that they represent a reality and a goal to strive for. As harmony and balance are the mainstays of my present existence, they are the ideals that I continually strive for. These ideals were apparently a given condition in the time of Atlantis and I can draw strength and sustenance from the memories of those times.

On reflection, I know that this past life was a very important one to remember for it has a very strong bearing and influence on my present life, consistently influencing my life’s purpose, activities and relationships. There are many parallels between my Atlantean life and my present one which are rather remarkable. I know, for example, a person whom I’m presently friends with was someone I also knew in that life. "Suzannah" a remarkable psychic, healer and colleague in metaphysics was my sister initiate in the Temple of Hegira.

On a more personal note, I too have felt sympathy for all living things and a strong connection to nature, just like my Atlantean counterpart. I’ve always loved working with nature and have been a gardener and environmental activist. I am presently working with nature in a healing capacity by working with flower and garden essences from the Perelandra Nature Research Center for self healing.

Similar to my Atlantean self, I find that that the underlying motivation in my life has been to find harmony and balance in all relationship and situations that I come across.

And just like my Atlantean counterpart, I love the beach and am drawn to the shore. I love the idea of living in a fishing village on or near the sea. In my present life, I have had the opportunity to visit fishing towns in New England and have, more recently, vacationed at the shore in Southwest Florida. I’ve always been fascinated by subterranean homes, having read, with great interest, about them in Mother Earth News magazine many years ago.

Like my Atlantean counterpart, I have lived at home for a very long time, until I was thirty three and, even then, I found it difficult to disengage from my family, coming home on weekends for several years after I moved out. And just like my Atlantean self, I am presently a channeler and spiritual healer and teacher and I’ve always felt a strong connection to Atlantis and to those people who feel this connection as well.

I would say that this past life experience has had the greatest impact on me, more so than my other past life experiences. It has offered an explanation for the pattern and purpose of this life and has reminded me of my true(er) purpose and objectives for this lifetime. It offers an archetype of energy and personality to attune to and pattern myself after. It seems to offer me the “missing link” of my life to a time and place that I unconsciously long for and consciously strive for. It is a grand reminder of who I’ve been and what I can presently be. So, it has given me a greater sense of place in this world and how I fit in. As such, it has served to be grounding and a pattern that allows me to be more comfortably connected to this present world and its demands. So, in the truest sense, it has offered me a vision and a healing vision at that that gives me a sense of peace and joy within a troubled and chaotic world.

I want to personally thank my friend for this (healing) experience for it has been and will continue to be truly wonderful!

Author's Bio: 

Amy Gialuco, is a metaphysical teacher and healer and is presently the director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society in Dooylestown, Pa. she is married and lives with her husband in Chestnut Hill, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa.