Low back pain is the #1 reason for doctor visits in America. Did you know that according the Journal of the AMA that most back surgeries are deemed a failure. Not a very high success rate. Most low back pain comes from the muscles in your hips, not your back. Chiropractic may not help because, even if the body is out of alignment, the muscles may pull your structure back out of place negating the work of your chiropractor. In fact, the muscles are so powerful in your back that they can pull your vertebrae to one side and setting off a bulging disc or pinch nerve. So how do you do to stop this pain?

Active Isolated Stretching, (AIS), has been the best I have seen at resolving back issues. What is different about AIS is you never hold a stretch for longer than 2 seconds and never use a stretchy band. Always use an 8’ rope or belt, so you can stretch the muscle properly. AIS uses a series of low body stretches that takes the pressure off the back by loosening up the hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

By following these stretches you may relieve years of constant pain by giving back the spacing between your vertebrae and joints, which you have lost over the years from the accumulation of activities in your life. The muscles decide your posture and how healthy your structure will be. Poor posture can affect every system in your body including your joints. Your joints need to regularly go through their full range of motion, just like when you were a child.

By going through the full range of motion, your body will inject fluid into the joint and lubricate the joint for smooth movement. Your muscles will lengthen allowing better blood flow and nerve sensations. All of this combined will insure a healthier body and reduce your healthcare costs. For more information, check out: www.musclerepairshop.com.

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The Muscle Repair Shop is owned by Butch Phelps, LMT & Certified Active Isolated Stretching therapist and Susan Phelps, MS,RD,CDE. We have set up a 4 step program to teach clients how to strength train properly, stretch correctly, massage therapy, and a full nutritional website with coaching from a Registered Dietitian.Butch Phelps has written and published many articles on the web. In today's world, people have to know how to maintain their bodies correctly so they can survive longer and live a better quality of life. This program empowers you to maintain your body.