I spoke to 3 different chiropractors about my skiing mishap, my uneven body weight distribution (right side was heavier by a few pounds as revealed at a Total Health expo), and about top performance health and long life.

I experienced three different levels of chiropractic adjustments, from very strong and physical, through gentle, to purely emotional and spiritual. With the last one, I've seen people crying and laughing at the same time as deeply set emotions were released free.

For me (big guy), with a few crashes and accidents in my history, I felt that the strongest physical adjustment was the best. My first adjustment released a series of cracks in my neck like firing a machine gun. Right away I felt a huge relief and within a few hours an amazing joy came over me. Something was really blocking those nerves in my neck.

The spinal cord, which is enclosed in the spine, carries all impulses from the brain to the entire body, so it is crucial that the spine allows the central nervous system to operate flawlessly. Every organ in the body is affected by blockages (sublaxations) in the spine.

A few notes straight out of my Journal:

I went to see Dr. Brian Wolfs chiropractor first thing in the morning and got xray of my spine done. According to Dr. Wolfs my spine is fine. My off-balance problem is not static (nothing is visibly wrong). It is dynamic. I have to research that. The problem that he saw was no natural curve in my neck. He made a neck adjustment. It clicked on the left side like a machine gun. On the right there was a single click or two [note it's the spine movement that really counts, not the cracking]. It felt pretty good after! Good energy flow.

[Few hour later] Driving back from cooking class I really feel and see the difference now. Some major blockage was opened. Vision super crystal clear, voice low & deep (with resonance), words clearly articulated, feeling light, good, and full of Chi energy. Wow! Later did research on my case. Lateral twist of the spine is common and usually causes uneven hips and shoulders. Cause of it is head not being in the right place (uneven head level, not sitting right). Main treatment is in the C1-C2 area, and the rest will fix itself overtime. C1-C2 sublaxations may cause fatigue and low energy - hmm interesting. To heal, I need to fix 3x/week for a few weeks to train the muscles to stay that way and not come back to the old (broken) state. I had a good sleep and good dreams. I self-woke at 7:50am and didn't need coffee in the morning!!!!

I went to see Dr. Elizabeth at Bloor and Jane. She did some tests on me and found a few things: tight right hip, problems in fore-elbows/forearms, shoulders, some heart area spine problems, and poor neck flexibility. She did the scale test and the difference was around 12lbs. She says it went down [from the expo time] because I already had an adjustment. She told me I can grab xrays from the other doctor. She did discuss the whole spine with me and showed me some other minor-ish problems. She also did a whole spine adjustment. Felt good after, but not the same as after Dr. Wolfs. [My mother felt healthier and more energetic within few weeks].

[Couple of months later...]
So I noticed that my lower back pain is gone! Few things helped: vibrating and hot chair cushion for a few hours, shiatsu, chiropractic adjustments, posture and proper sitting, and last but not least, back exercises at the gym! Interesting.

I asked Dr. Wolfs to have a look at my mid-back which hurts when riding my bike. Shiatsu therapist noticed something there, but she couldn't help. Dr. Wolfs noticed it too and said it's a rib. He cleared the sublaxation (it clicked like mad), and I felt a huge relief right away. The problem was gone just like that!

At Dr. Wolfs I mentioned this weekend's episode with shoulder, neck, and side of a head. He felt my shoulder and felt the knot - technically a shiatsu material. He made an adjustment, which clicked like crazy. I felt a huge relief, and about an hour later, I felt a healthy tingling, like the healing energy or nutrients were rushing there to fix everything. It felt like a leg that was "asleep" and now the blood is rushing in there, kinda nice tingly feeling. Really cool.

Told Dr. Wolfs that I feel so good these days it's crazy! He says that's what happens when you unblock the nervous system. Your family's and personal health care is top priority to Dr. Wolfs. I think that's fantastic.

Few Back pain tips from the pre-chiropractor days:

  • Apply heat gel pads to your back when it hurts - it really works.
  • Get vibrating and electric heat lumbar support for your home/office chair.
  • Exercise back at the gym (eg. back hyper extension; start slow and safely!).
  • Exercise for the forward-head syndrome: Back to the wall, thin pillow (2in) mid back, move head horizontally backwards to touch the wall.

Energetic and Emotional Chiropractor

[I visited this Chirporactor first, about one year after my skiing accident. Then I followed up with the two physical adjustment chiropractors as described above]

While visiting the Psychological & Emotional Healing of Dr. Anthony Posa, I've seen people crying and laughing at the same time as deeply set emotions were released free. Depending on the care that is chosen, you will begin your personalized journey of healing, refreshment and revitalization.

Note that the nervous system subluxations also include emotional blockages caused by stress, anxiety, depression and low self-image. This chiropractor helped me restore my Chi and the internal healing power (light, warmth and energy) after my accident.

A few notes straight out of my Journal:

I arrived at the Chiropractor office. Scented candles, smell of sage or sweetgrass, gentle classical music, plants, warm colours of walls and carpet - very positive space.

Talk with Dr. Posa was "awesome" - I am almost overusing that word, but it's all good. Basically he took a correction on how to treat me: "not to fix, but to maximize peak performance," like Anthony Robbins. I like the sound of that.

He did some quick tests and his diagnosis was reasonable. I got a blockage in my neck (from last year's accident), and a couple of blockages near heart and hip (both emotional). Those spots actually tie into my organs to do with digestion, and the hip with the knees.

He did some light work on me - asked me to channel breath to lower back, then to relax and feel good (I felt like a light being), then to "double" that feeling (bigger light being), then to add passion to it (happy nature place and joy), then even more passion (I actually felt like smiling at this point). He says that at 2-3x per week for 4-6 months I can not only be fixed, but have the constant, natural, and automatic high like Tony. Let's do it!

During the next session, I felt a nice heat-relax wave from fingers to toes. I also experienced some nice overlapping light spots of energy when my eyes were closed. Soon after (30+ min) I felt very mellow, relaxed, and overall good. Later I noticed that my neck is no longer stuck or stretchy. The full fluid motion is back. Dr. Posa rules!

En route to Dr. Posa I tried to sing and tell myself that I am awesome, fantastic and great. I was doing some humming and voice resonating. The voice was shallow and cracky, and I felt kinda low - definitively no boost. Dr. Posa felt something was wrong. I felt my body was cold, tense, and is a state of blackness. He focused on helping me with that. In the last few minutes of the session, I started feeling the warmth, the light, colours, and general boost in the chest and heart. I am so thankful for this help. Whatever Dr. Posa did, it worked.

Beautiful day! Went to Dr. Posa, I asked whether he can increase the intensity a bit. I could feel that he did (also I was more ready and receptive to it today). I felt the heat and energies traveling to knees, hip, and neck. Dr. Posa asked me to look into my heart for wisdom, just to take a peek. I tried my best. After the session, while driving, I felt bigger and stronger (bigger chest and calmer vision). I felt even more at peace. Very good.

I did a double session with Dr. Posa to close the treatment. First half was cleansing and a slight recharge. I used the breathing techniques my friend Anna taught me. Second was a full recharge and affirmation that all will be well. Dr. Posa says to keep affirming to myself that things will work out this week (I didn't tell him anything). Also in meditation I asked for the next step. I was told to follow my intuition and do what I planned to do. Ok, let's change my life.

Two interesting chiropractic charts for your consideration:


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